DIY Bridgelux Build Assistance Please

Hi everyone!

I’m in the market for a new veg light and I thought the EB series would make a fine build.

I have a few questions though if someone would care to chime in.

I want a light that is strong enough to flower also but mainly this is a veg light. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

7 of these guys

And one of these guys.

By my math this will give me 136w or 34w/sqft.

Does this look right? It seems right but I’m not an electronics expert.

Another question. My veg room is 20”x30” and the strips are 23” long. Would the light reach the extra 4” off the end or would I be better to stagger them like this.

Thanks in advance build gurus.


Going backward:

That length strip will provide ample coverage for the 3.5" on either side.

You do not need 7 strips for this size space. 4 will do the trick, unless you’re chasing efficiency by under-driving the strips.

Re: math, watts/sqft is better for HID calculations because the combination of driver and diodes in your space determines your PPF and PPFD. That said, you need someone smarter than I am to figure those numbers out. One of them should chime in soon and may comment about whether the driver is appropriately sized.

Otherwise, the spectrum is right for a multipurpose light (if you’re set on potentially using it for bloom). I’d go 4k in veg, 3k or 3.5k in bloom, but I have serious height limitations and YMMV.

Either way, you might consider the 2nd gen strips if you can find them. Every new gen makes the last gen considerably cheaper and 2nd gen is far from obsolete.


Thanks I appreciate the input. What you’re saying about PPFD is correct but the only metric I can find is lumens. So I kind of had to guess.

I did choose 3500k because it seemed like the best of both worlds.

I would prefer the gen2 but per Digikey they seem to be obsolete. I’d prefer the gen2 as the price point is better and I’m not really concerned about max efficiency.

Re: Watts per square ft - these “rules” are highly variable - I was shooting for 30w. I expect the 4 strip option would kick ass for veg but would it be enough for flower? I dunno.

Again, thank you. I’m trying to wrap my head around all this math.


Try instead of Digikey alone. There are a bunch of distributers and others may still have gen2 in stock. I had this same issue when I built my strip light (samsung strips) and eventually I tracked them down - but they had to be shipped from the Netherlands!


You and me both. That’s why I won’t hazard a guess about the best combination of strips and driver for your needs. I strongly suspect you can buy a cheaper driver, still from meanwell, to adequately light that area.


The math keeps changing :slight_smile:

If I were to decide on a 4 strip build I could probably downgrade the driver I’d think.

The output on the gen3 is not sufficiently greater than the gen2 to justify the price point. At least, it seems that way.

Looked at octopart but I’m in Canada and after shipping and duties it might just be better to go with the gen3s


First off. Look at the meanwell xlg drivers mate. They’re similar powers but much less money. I see no point in you grabbing a 250w driver to run it underpowered. You may aswell get a 150w (if you’re set on the HLG then you can get a 150hc1050a/b)

The idea with drivers is to run those at Max and whatever LED you use you drive under Max current/voltage for greater efficiency and less heat.


Well the driver is overkill anyways and you will be overdriving the strips at 1a not that you can’t, cause you can just nominal is 700ma, look into the XLG-150-L-AB also with that driver you could run 11 of the eb3 strips at nominal voltage/current, the xlg drivers you can also overdrive if desired a bit but say only 20-25%

As for wattage a sqft factor in 35-40w/sqft for good flowering.


For what it’s worth, I’m running about 25 watts per square foot in veg and 37.5 watts per square foot in flower with 4000k HLG Quantum boards in my tent, and 50w/sqft in my cab, and very happy with my results.

I don’t know the PAR values for these as I never bothered trying to figure it out, but when I was running 3500k Cree cobs at around the same wattage I think it was around 800 if I remember correctly. Results with the boards seem to be fairly similar, but with better coverage like you’ll get with the strips.

If you do run on the higher wattage side, don’t let your plants grow into the lights, lol. I’ve had some bleached tops from letting them get too close.

And I wouldn’t worry about coverage on the sides, you’ll be just fine without staggering them.


I’m still learning but I figured that 1amp would give me more watts at a slightly lower efficiency. If sticking with the 700mA I’d need to add an extra strip but if that’s a better option I can do that too


Thank you for these real-time numbers. Maybe I need to reconsider making a veg/bloom light and just stick with veg.


I would personally go with 700 and an extra strip, if I was building one for myself.


Makes sense. I was primarily looking at the forward voltage as a guide to driver sizing. I will look for smaller/cheaper.


That imo would be the better option. There’s a fine line you gotta dance between cost and efficiency to make a build worthwhile. You’re doing the dance right so far with your research. I have faith in you (just from those scribblings) lol


I get good results using 4000k for both. I’m sure it’s not ideal, but I’m not at all unhappy with the quality and quantity I produce, and it fit my budget.

I’ve used 3500k for both in the past as well, before I upgraded and gave my old lights to a friend who will be running them the same way.


Lol thanks. I think I’m at the point where I have just enough confidence to be dangerous :slight_smile:


That’s good to know. I went 3500k mostly because I wanted it to be a veg/bloom light. But if I’m now committed to veg only I will certainly consider higher colour temps.


I honestly haven’t developed a preference. I think there’s a good reason people use 3000k/3500k for flower, I just haven’t seen enough difference in my own results to care.

Having said that, if I was to make a recommendation to a friend for a full cycle spectrum, it would be 3500k.


@Howard.Crane This makes a lot of sense. One good all around colour temp. I used to veg using a 250w HPS which is the “wrong” colour temp. I don’t need perfect, I just need good :slight_smile:


Ok guys - here is proto design v2 thanks to your input.

Same strips as before x6. This will give me about 80 watts at 700mA nominal. 19.1 forward voltage.

This driver:
I believe this driver would be sufficient for a 7th strip if needed.

Also - is standard 18awg solid hook up wire acceptable? Is copper required?

Here is the rest of my scribbles and a silly series wiring diagram.

You guys rock.