Do I need to trim this plant for SOG?

I just started flowering cycle. I don’t know if I need to trim the plants so they yield more. I am wondering if I should cut all the small side sprouts so the energy goes into the main cola? Or can I leave the plant like it is?


Depends on your goal and space. One main cola? Trim that lady up.


In SOG, I’d probably just take the bottom 1-3 nodes off and leave everything else. Just my 2 cents!


My goal is to make the plant yield most. If I cut all the side branches, will the plant produce more buds???
I think space is not the problem…

Is a node, one shoot, or where the two shoots come out? Its the connection where the shoots come out yes?

Why only the bottom 1-3 nodes? Is there an advantage compared to just leave the main stem?

What about the shoots in the upper part of the plant. Should I cut them also even they are small?

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Not enough info IMO. What size space? What lighting? How many plants? How big are the pots? What is the Medium?

That being said, I would cut the side branches and focus on the main cola.


4 plants per square foot. 600 watt double ended HID. rockwool 4" cubes.

All side branches means every branch on the main stem? Also the very small ones coming out near the top?

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It seems like your first grow. If it is then just let the plants do their thing this grow and monitor how they develope. You will notice various different things you can do to allow more light to various parts of the plant. In sog or scrog you need to strip everything below the canopy that doesn’t get enough light or the plant will keep pushing it’s food into those branches. In sog you want several plants with one main cola on each with no side branching spaced equally apart so they grow evenly and at the same speed. It’s a lot of work :v:


I wonder if I should leave a side branch which is getting light? The side branches at the top part of the plant will get enough light I guess?

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Assuming the bottom of this picture is soil level, I would take out the stuff below here:


^ yep like that. Those side branches will often be like one big cola with the main one. Think of a rocketship kinda shape :rocket:

And yes nodes are where branches meet the main stem.


Thank you for the advice. I left the plants like they are because in Cervantes book the cannabis encyclopedia I did read that you should only cut when in vegetative cycle because after the cutting the plants would loose lot of flowering hormones and also be shocked for some time.

But next vegetative cycle I will trim them.


Would you also remove the fan leaves below that point?


The plant will, technically, still be in a veggative state for three weeks or so after the flip, often called the stretch.

Yes I would, especially if you plan to run these at 4 plants per square foot. It will improve airflow.


Ok maybe I still will cut the branches. After I decided what to do in another matter, because it seems my plants didnt take the switch from sealed to external air too well.

Could you give me an answer in this matter, especially I can or should switch back to vegetative cycle?

You could tie the main stem down and the “side-shoots”will all stretch up the way and you will have lots of tops ; hopefully that makes sense to you .!

Good luck with this …

Edit what have you done since last update .?


Because of some trouble with my plants I had to revert them to veg. The branches started to grow a lot. But now I switch the plants back to flower. Yesterday I cut all the branches. Only left the upper third of the plants.Of the best plants I used the branches for clones.

You vegged a bit more than nevessary for a SOG run w 4plants per sq ft.
Once they stretch they will be all over eachother.
Not the end of the world but you will NEED good airflow and prolly have to thin them out a lot in the first month of flower.
My lst SOG i vegged 2wks from clone and got ~10g/plant.
Good luck!!


Thank you! I guess my plants at the beginnng of flower are now the size of your plants at end of flower :smiley:
I cut everything but the upper last third or quarter of the plants foliage and branches. The look very naked now. Lets see where it gets.

Do you have any idea why some of the plants can’t hold their own weight already and the stem is like rubber when I touch them? Maybe something with nitrogen?

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You might consider adding silica product like ProTeKt.


It is now 21 days since flipping.

Now I need to defoliate them again, yes? How much leaves can or should I remove now after 3 weeks?

Sorry just have pictures of my shittier plants…

Whats the problem with all that leaves… They not serve a purpose?

These leaves are using up the nutrients?

Some of the plants already have side shoots with flowers. So should I also cut lower side shoots with the flowers, or dont remove shoots but just defoliate them? What you suggest? (Removing the side shoots, would be called lollipopping?)

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