Doktor Doom Mite Knockout Spray

Hi all: when bugs hit it’s a panic situation and difficult to make sharp reasonable decisions. I don’t have exhaustive experience with insecticide but I figured I’d preemptively test this product to make sure I can use it in an emergency should it arise.

I like to test things first before I use them.

So I tried Doktor doom miticide spray. I don’t have bugs and I can’t tell you if it can kill mites.

I can tell you that liberal application will burn your plants very badly

I sprayed another leaf very lightly and no damage to report. Relative to control there was no damage.

So there you have it. Don’t soak your plants in Doktor doom mite knockout spray.

Have a lovely day.


Used it once when running a flood table…plants closest to bombs (about 3 feet away) got hella burnt (much worse than what you’re showing) but rebounded. Mites never truly went away until shutdown. But it did knock em back, no doubt.


Good to know that they rebounded and you were able to finish. A big part of my IPM is to bomb the plants at the end of veg to buy some insurance. I have a product I like for this but wanted to try something different.

This is heavy stuff.

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Explosions & maple syrup?! :oil:

Repeat application if necesary :upside_down:



My last bout with mites was won 2 locations ago, used diatomaceous earth…organic, pet/plant/human friendly, cheap, extremely effective!!

Edit…messy though…but effective!!


A couple years ago a good friends grow got infected really bad with mites. We tried the product you have and it burnt the plants but didnt wipe out the mites. Tried a handful of other treatments but we ended up using rosemaric acid and defoliation on the budding plants to control til harvest and abamectin on the mother plants and clones and it killed all the mites


Rosemaric acid can be used as a organic systemic deterrent, works great combined with sprays.


I’ve used EcoSmart with good success. It’s pet and child safe, due to being made from essential plant oils like rosemary, cinnamon, wintergreen, peppermint, clove, thyme and lemongrass it won’t harm plants, it won’t harm the environment and it smells really good afterwards.

Most sprays are made to spray the plant directly, however, most of these products are not made for cannabis plants. Cannabis is a vascular plant with soft leaves and can’t take a direct hit with harsh chemicals without being burned… or worse.

Boric acid will kill many different types of insects around your house, but DO NOT put it on your cannabis plants. It is a needed micronutrient at an average rate of 0.002% and using too much will kill plants. Boric acid works in much the same way as DE does with bugs… it pierces, gouges and cuts through their skins/exoskeleton and absorbs their juices, effectively killing them.

Also be careful with anything that says “safe to use up to day of harvest”. This is meant to be used on fruits/vegetables/plants with a thickskin and needs to be physically washed off before used… it won’t come off of your cannabis flowers and may be harmful to you.


This stuff is the shit, an organic choice is a bonus as well. Scott (the owner) ships to the US & Canada from Aus, I would highly suggest checking out his root roids product as well :slight_smile:

How did you use use it? Did you just sprinkle on top of the soil or is there more too it? I might consider using this as insurance

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It’s a super fine powder. Take the cap off and squeeze the bottle…it’ll ‘poof’ out of the nozzle into a cloud. Dust your plants with it, when a mite travels across the slightest dusting of this, it shreds its exoskeleton joints and dries it out. Keeps ALL bugs away!! I swear by the stuff!!!


Wait at least a week before using a spray bottle to wash it away…or leave it as preventative.

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it is possible to mix in water and spray, although it clogs a lot…

I’ve also heard people spraying a habanero pepper syrup / tea
namaste :pray:

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You can’t spray Dr Doom on the leaves heavily, it will damage them, even the Dr Doom Botanics spray. Always test spray on a single plant.

You should spray with the lights off and under the leaves, spraying the top is pointless for mites. Pyrethrins which is in Dr Doom, majority of it is broken down after two hours of light exposure. It only really kills the adults so you have to rinse and repeat every 3-4 day for a few times. First to kill the adults, then to kill the nymphs as they get older.

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Make sure to get the food grade DE (health food stores).

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Check this thread, lots of useful tips there … :sunglasses:


In my garden I’m rotating pylon, neem/insect soap in veg. I’m waiting on my grow store to reload on spinosad. I do two applications a week then rotate.

I’ve also invested in a microfibre flat mop. After housekeeping I use a pyrethrum airasol spray (Dr.doom brand) on walls/floor etc.
I think it’s insane to think practices like sweeping/mopping aren’t huge factors. Since I run a perpetual I feel being vigilant with IPM in veg and early flower is key.