Spider mites in flower

Saw a few leaves with damage from spider mites this evening. I plucked off the ones with noticeable damage. I’m 28 days into flower, any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

@Kraven and @G-paS both survived recent attacks I believe.


Right on, thanks brotha

I have used neem oil that far into flower with three treatments three days apart and everything was kosher


I used Method-1 on the ones in flower. I alternated Method-1 and neem in veg. I am still cleaning and have the flower tent shut down and am filling it full of gear to seal it off and sent of a bomb. Than I will clean all and spray with Forbid.

I did found I can run all my fabric pots in the washing machine in hot water with bleach, twice, Than I ran the jeans before washing anything good.


Right on, did you try avoiding the budz?

And the method one worked well?

Squish as many of them bastards as you can before treating.

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Will do, only found 3 or 4 leaves with some damage, gotta take care of em before it’s too late!

Apply just enough pressure with your fingers on the top and bottom of each leaflet to squish them without damaging the leaves. You’ll see green smear marks on your fingers.

Then go over each plant with loupe looking for more mites and most importantly, their eggs. Pluck off any leaves with eggs attached and carefully discard.


predatory mites worked well for me


Hmmm, yeab I was thinking about going that route too. How bad did you have them?

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same as you, I noticed them in a few places, I sprayed them with Safer’s soap spray and then dumped a big vial of predatory mites over the plants the next day. Did not see any more spider mites for the next 3-4 weeks.

I used enough for a 10X10 area on a 2X3 area, there was no sign of them after that. the little predator mites must have run through my house but I never saw any sign of them either


Haha nice! What species did you go with?

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I think it was a blend ofl 3. I would ask Arbico what they recommend.

You’re growing from seed right? How do you think they got in?


Did the whole plant.

I used it every 3 days for five time. The Hurk with close to done so took the a little early.

I used these also

Gotcha, yeah I’m from seed. I got lazy/strong headed. Probably from the outdoor garden, or my cat, or letting people in my room. Probably has to be one of those. Plus it’s a brand new room and I didn’t sanitize

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I sprayed it all over top to bottom, but I think the predatory mites is a better suggestion if you’re able to I’ve never actually seen predatory mites available in my area.

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They have the 3-way mix and others at NIC I hear they are not the cheapest, but they never let me down as far as viability.
Here’s their spider mite category:


Right on. After getting home this morning I went through and trimmed off a bunch of leaves. I only found one plant with visible damage. Made sure that plant was all free and clear. As for now I’m just going to keep a good eye on them and see if it’s going to spread.