Dwc nutes question

it could be temps but I was whondering so when I change the water say I put my nutes in and have 700ppm now 4 days later it’s 300 ppm do you guys add more nutes or do you just add nutes when you do a water change? Like should it be at a constant certain ppm or do you just wait till the next water change


You may want to mix a bit stronger or get a bigger res…going to less than half your ppm in 4 days is really fast, swings like that can affect pH stability. Chasing pH and making constant adjustments sucks.
The bigger the volume of the reservoir, the more stable it stays, temps, pH, ppm, dissolved oxygen. Stable is good, more stable the better IMO.

300 is low, I’d add more nutrients if your water level is still high. If you use a big enough reservoir, you can just top off with pH adjusted water until your next change.

If your plants are happy though, and pH is holding stable, just keep doing whatever you’re doing.


I let my res go down to about half and then pump out and refill but mine takes 5 days to do this so no biggie. In flower when they start drinking heavy I’ll top off with pH adjusted water after measuring the res to see where it’s pH is and adjust accordingly to keep the res in pH. I don’t see the reasoning behind adding nute solution at 4 days just to pump out in a couple of days. I used to add more nute solution but started having problem as you can’t tell what the plant has used. If it’s used the npk evenly or is one building up? Start adding solution and you could end up with a toxicity of one or more elements or like I did a major salt build up and damn near killing my girls

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personally I like that your plants are eating… now what we dont know from your posts is…
how big your res is… the bigger the better (less swing)…but but but how big is your plant???and does it seem healthy to you…
… pretty much for me. you might not want to change a thing.

The reason my ppms are on the lower side is there young autos and one of the purple lemonade fastbuds strains says they barely need nutes, I have 4 single bubbleponics buckets with and upgraded air pump 2 of them seem happy 2 of them dont,I only have on exhaust fan should I be pumping air in or pulling it out? I have a c02 bag as well The strains are from big to smallest g13 auto from seedking northern lights 5 fast seedking and purple lemonade fast buds and purple mazar amd these pics are at the end of the day


Not sure how high your water levels are…but your 3rd pic looks like the water level is too high or the roots are being choked out from pythium. I had an auto in a 5 gal. DWC and when root rot was just coming in, the plant went limp, looked over/underwatered. Keep an eye on it.
Link below: the plant on the right has limp leaves resting on the bucket lid…

Does pythium or root rot ever go away? And how high should the water level be should the net cup be under water at all or just slightly under the net cup?h