Few days from harvest--- A/c toasted

Hey hey heeeeeey :dizzy_face:
The room may reach 89-92…with humidity pretty high…i could pump the co2 a bit…
Do you guys think the buds will get fluffy? Its just prolly 4 days from harvest…
what to do?!?!?!? :coconut: :coconut:
Thanks for the hints!


4 days makes no difference.

You could chop them now if it suits you.

92f is pretty hot but a few days shouldn’t hurt too much.

I would think either one is an acceptable option.


Thanks…i really wanted to give em a water “flush”…even doh also that is not real “science”! :smile:
I had to manually restart the mofo the whole flowering time due to tensions swings…i made it without never go out of range…but… hey has been a real pain…watching MMA all night long… :exploding_head:
Already projected the vent system, and ill make it happen as soon as the rooms empty
sayonara sealed room…has been a nice to enjoy until my electric company decided to mess around with tension…

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I don’t flush.

But up to you.

All the best


No worries whatsoever. Enjoy your harvest.
I do not flush either.


I give them water only the last week but likely only once. If the humidity is high enough should be okay. Once flowered at 95 in 90 % RH …not that it made a lot or was heavy buds though. It does tend to get that ammonia smell if too high too long IME

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If it is just 4 or 5 days you can always let them sit in the dark - many people do that prior to harvest anyway to slightly stress them out and let them get a little extra sticky supposedly.

Regarding flushing, check out this recent study:

it showed that:

  • No differences were detected between flush treatments for yield, potency, or terpenes.
  • Analysis of mineral content of leaves indicated small changes in content of iron and zinc.
  • Taste test panelists tended to prefer flower flushed for 0 days.

Thanks guys! Good news is that has been working only during light on!! so…no biggie!
NIce link!

Interesting article about flushing or not flushing before harvest. Something I plan to try with my current grow.