Germinating old Seeds

you can rub the seed a little bit with sandpaper to make it easier for it to pop out, also you can use humic acid to help with bio activation.
May I ask which variety you are speaking of?


I have heard of scarification many times, never recurred to it tho.


Hey guys… hope everyone is off to great weekend… I always get a ton of questions on how to germinate seeds. Especially old seeds… Everyone has their own way. Depending how the seeds were stored, the fridge is an excellent place for a cold snap…I had an old fart tell me,( Always remember, Enzymes are catalysts along with cofactors and coenzymes…Seed germination is 100% enzyme driven)…From germinating, cloning, veg, flower or seed production… I try and make it as easy as possible… Heres a few steps that have worked 100% for the past 20+ years…fyi, fullmoon is an awesome time to crack open seeds. The way I look at it. If a moon can move an oceans tide, it can definitely tie into germinating seeds :new_moon::seedling::green_heart::dizzy:

:seedling:1…I always, lightly scuff the seams to older bullet proof or special seeds with a book of matches on the grit strip side, then soak in regular tap water for 24-48 hours. Yes Tap water. Imo, Tap water works amazing for germinating seeds due to the chlorine and chemicals that are in city or well water… (If they sink or crack open on a soak, it’s usually party time. If not, I crack them open with my teeth… kinda like a sunflower seed).

:seedling:2… Once they sink, put a few drops of peroxide in there to clean and oxygenate the tap root. Sometimes the peroxide will make your seeds float… Totally cool… Let sit for another 12-24 hours then rinse seeds in a fresh cup of water…just my thing…

:seedling:3…From there I’d put them into a damp paper towel, then stick them into a Ziploc bag full of air…

:seedling: 4… Let them sit for at least 2-3 days for the tap root to reach, before you stick them into soil…

:seedling:5…DO NOT BURRY THE SEED…JUST BURRY THE TAP ROOT SO THE SEED IS ABOVE SOIL…Then use spray bottle to dampen soil… Step 3-4 is crucial…When they sit in the the paper towel…The tap root grows tiny little microscopic hairs that become very effective when placed into soil… :pray::artificial_satellite::seedling:

This process usually takes up to a week.

Fyi, try this method on some old bs seeds. Don’t try it on your brand new 1k auction pack, and say stray said this works…lol… this method works for me…hope this helps…

Full moon…1-31-18 :new_moon::seedling:



Hey Stray,

Nice informative post. I am afraid I would just eat the seed, lol.


This one i do verbatim.


Here is an odd one I herd on Hash Church last week. Put the seed in your mouth before planting. Saliva is full of the enzyme amylase which is part of the germination process.
:tongue: :seedling:

Of course he also said that would make the plant produce the medicine you need… :rolling_eyes:


Holistic marijuana, combined with psycosomatic programming… Sounds like the future of vegan! LOL


Lol…right… Awesome protein…


i’m confused, is this part of step 1? you crack them open then soak them another 12-24 hours?


Hey brother, sorry for the late response…

Yes, only if they have hard shells and have not cracked open.

Think about it. After 3-4 days that seed is water logged or the shell becomes soft and ya end up tossing it. Might as well try one more plan of attack on the journey…

Plus most guys (including myself) are in a hurry to open up the line your germinating. So quicker the better in most cases. But with germinating seeds, take your time and make it easy.

Bodhi does an old school wet dry method on old seeds. I tried it twice on my old Iraqi seeds. It worked.

I’ll try an jump back on later when I get a second.



The wet/dry cycle for germinating seeds is used in the malting industry. The malting industry is big buisness and these guys have the process down to a science. Malted grains are used in bread and beer. Malting is done by germinating the seed until peak enzyme production, then the process is haulted and the grains dried in a kiln.


Yes, they are huge on the steeping process.

I do that for my malted barley teas and top dressings. Definitley makes sense brother…

Thanks for sharing…



Can you explain us a bit about this process, and how we can use it for germination, and the teas and top dressings Stray mentions? Sounds like a very interesting way to go about organic inputs.

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I don’t know the specifics, but the basic concept is they weigh the grains then soak for 12-24 hours. Drain dry and weigh again. They repeat until the grains gain a sp3cific percemtage of weight. It’s the dry/wet cycle that helps with germination. Seeds need air and can “drown” if left in the water too long.

The malted barley tea is a huge enzyme boost. You can add about an ounce (weight) of malted barley per gallon. Grind it to a powder and steep it for four hours or so. To really kick it into high gear, add you can add fulvic acid. Of course you dont have to even steep it to get benefits, juat top dress and water in with fulvic.


Experiments in serarch of knowledge

Have tried about a half dozen time to germinate this old collection
from the early/mid 90’s. None have sprouted so far…
Scarified, mykos, ferments, many thing tried to no avail…

This is much neater looking in person, the aloe is translucent and
almost invisible and floats just at the surface. Will give it 24 hour session
and hit the paper towel & baggie.


Have you tried fulvic acid for old seeds?


You need a seed cracker from Woodshed13 on IG.

I bought one and will experiment with the 707 from @Scissor-Hanz, the hardest seeds to sprout i have ever seen, check it out! Giberellic Acid too.


Was just about to say I can’t believe no one has mentioned the seed cracker yet


I plan on germinating some very old seeds 10+ years with a very mild solution of gibberellic acid at 100ppm and 10% peroxide with the water in it. Besides gonna crack them seeds a bit, in order to help it hydrolize.

HppHrvst :robot:


My bad…stored those at room temp, in a temperate climate zone, with large swings in temp and humidity. I made them back in the day when I didn’t know many other growers and literally couldn’t give them away. So I wasn’t appreciating their value.