🚨 ’78 Columbian - Grow Journal

A Reddit friend gifted me some pretty special, and potentially magical beans. Found in a garage…in a pink envelope labeled only “78 Columbian”

From that point, the seeds are sent from coast to coast…usps defies logic and takes three weeks to deliver.

This morning, 6am, I pull out 120 grit sand paper, gibberellic acid and distilled water…30 min later here they sit in all their glory.

5 seeds in 250ppm solution and another 5 seeds in 500 ppm solution…I’m hoping to find that golden phenotype…help bring the project good vibes my friends. Have a great day!


Very nice, fingers crossed that this goes well!

p.s. ommegang brewery, good beers.


Thanks Loki, and yes-they sure are.


looks like a good score… good luck with them!!


righteous bean party, good luck with all that stuff


nice - pulling up a chair because it could be a marathon :fire: show
and that Columbian Red too - fire


My goodness… what a find… it looks like you may have struck some gold!! Those are gonna be some sought after beans !! If your gonna trade them let us know!!


Pulling up the recliner for this one. That is one hell of a find your friend shared with you. Brings back the good old days for me. Thanks for sharing this.


Blast from the past. I’ll be watching this. Good luck!


Thats crazy any idea how old ?
Even the paper looks very old.


woooah! pulling up a chair for the show :star_struck:


Thanks for the interest OG crew, I’m going to soak for 12 hours, than plant straight into jiffy and put under the dome.

Great signs…3 hours into soak and 5 of the 10 sank.
Edit…8 hours in and 7 of 10 sank.


Pulling up a chair :colombia:!!!


Exciting stuff! Fingers crossed you get some to germinate. Looking forward to seeing what comes up.


Sinking indicates full (100%) absorption. Immediately after sinking, dissolved oxygen (DO) levels within the embryo begin to decrease.

In wild environment, the natural wet/dry cycles of sunrise/sunset; dews, rains, and evaporation within the top inches, all contribute to periods of wetness followed by periods of dryness. The cannabis seed is apt at surviving rather low moisture concentrations for prolonged periods of time; while is more prone to rot and drowning.

Its my suggestion that after soaking in cup of water–if the seed has sunk indicating absorption, while the casing has yet to crack and no taproot is exposed–to allow the seed 10 minutes of air drying before re-planting into moist media; be it soil, coir, rockwool, etc.

One reason why paper towel method seed germination techniques see such success for new growers, is that a higher quality paper towel (or more layers to increase transdermal absorbency) permits a constant wicking effect, which when sealed in a bag or between plates, creates a pseudo-terrarium effect and perpetually cycles the moisture immediately surrounding the seed, always bringing fresh D.O. to the seed (slowly through the cycle of evaporation and wicking).

I personally throw cannabis seeds on the surface of the cup of water and allow them to float until I observe the first sink. Consider that corn and soybeans are the largest commercial seeds and require some of the longest soak times. Farmer’s Almanacs as early as the 1880s recommend soaking corn seed for no less than seven hours; other crops, typically four or fewer hours. (edit: Old almanacs also recommend soaking corn for no more than 24 hours to avoid “rot”.)

It is my opinion that regular grower habit is to over-saturate cannabis seed stock, and that the greatest improvement to germination results over time is garnered from knowledge of the leverage of a natural wet/dry cycle in seed development; once adequate moisture is present to start the seed, oxygen then becomes the limiting factor; when more rapidly supplied, the embryo more rapidly develops.

I’d get the sunken ones dried off (10mins) and planted.

Thanks for sharing your progress in this, and best wishes! I’ll surely follow along in appreciation =)



good take, i’m gonna think about this. thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the knowledge Dr. Z. I will plant, after a short dry period, immediately.


Ooooooh, this should be epic @PCC5rivers Can’t wait to see the progress.

Good luck!!! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


What a SCORE!!

WOW! May the magic bean gods smile on your efforts…
You have something rare a precious there. No way I’m going to miss this!
:sunglasses: :+1:



Might be overthinking it. They sprout just fine floating in tapwater (or sinking to the bottom). Landraces, tropicals, modern hybrids included. The only reason I don’t do it this way is because of the danger in damaging the taproot in the transfer with my giant stupid fingers.

I think a prolonged soak in warmer water is the way to go especially for difficult to germinate seeds.

OP, I very much look forward to following along with this. Love vintage stuff. I’d toss a lot more down if you have them, if they were really stored in an envelope in the garage (IDK about you but my garage gets hotter than hell in the summer) for 40 years, you may experience very poor germ rates and the death of quite a few of the seedlings that do emerge.