Getting my Hands on Dutch Passion

Im trying to get my hands on some genes but DP doesnt ship to U.S .

Someone help … DM some info or something lol… I’ve been seeing alot of good reviews on them.

any of the European-based seedbanks should have them and ship to you - Attitude, Herbie’s, etc, etc.


thanks for the info brother

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Lots of places in canada carry them too like 420 kingston and true north seeds. Im currently growing mekong high from dutch passion. Incredible.

one seed. Maybe a week of veg.


yea lol i gotta get a few

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I have used both Herbie’s and Attitude with no problems whatsoever.
Had seeds shipped to SoFla.
Many times.

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im kinda mad with Attitude now lol. I just tried to get some and they dont accept MasterCard. They have pretty good deals with the freebies too

question. Whats been a good yielder for you on herbies?

Stop right there. Dont look for yeilders. Big bud yeilds😂 go for somthing better. Kosher kush for example. Fat chunky potent nugs.


That is too true.
Big yielders and quality buds are often mutually exclusive.
I would much rather have quality over quantity.

That being said, one of the biggest yielding strains I have grown which produced decidedly better than mediocre buds is Dinafems Critical+.
Way, way better than Big Bud​:sunglasses::+1:

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Herbie’s has seeds from many breeders available.

They have Ace, Mandala, Paradise, Mosca, Rare Dankness, Reserva Privida Sagamartha…all of which I have used and would buy again.
Mandala is my recent favorite breeder as I find truly unique characteristics in their genetics.
Satori is very nice especially if you like sativas. It does well indoors and loves being outdoors in SoFla😎

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lol… ok ok Miagi. Im learning lmao

Buy from Attitude and only buy from reputable breeders, hopefully mainland ones. They will deliver, make sure it’s stealth.

That or the ones that contribute to OverGrow!

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