Grow lights for my new 2x2x5 gorilla grow tent

Ok so this is my first time posting here I usually use but haven’t been getting responses to my questions so if you guys could help I’d be so happy…ok so I started my first grow tent this week…I got a 2x2.5x6 gorilla tent…I’m only looking to grow 1 plant at time an I’m a bit nervous I donr have the stuff I need…i have fox farms ocean mix soil with the nutrients boosters… I got a nice ac infinity inline fan an carbon filter. I have a small clip fan for circulation. I have all the lil stuff needed scrog netting, smart pots In 3 an 5 gallon an last but not least I have a hlg 100w v2 4000k led light in there but I’ve been told by a few people it’s not enough lighting for my size tent…was wondering if I should go with a hlg 135 rspec 3500k or if I should add a hlg 65watt or go with a different light all together? Please help I’m growing mostly autoflowers since I figure they would be easiest with first starting out…please I need some advice if anybody could help I’d greatly appreciate ir…also is there anything I might be missing…i have a hydrometer an I’m looking into buying a co2 producer bag…


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