grow lights mars hydro 650

How good is a mars hydro 650w for a 2x2x4 grow tent. First time grower needs to know how to set up.


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With every light, it is best to find out what is the real power draw of your light… Then you can compare it with general standards and recommendations.

General rule is 50 to 75 watts per sq. ft. of plant canopy.

Even better would be to measure plant usable output by PAR meter. But that is not needed for beginner.


Thank you for ur advice. What strain would you recommend for first time grower.

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Are you thinking photoperiod or autoflower? Regs or feminized?

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Hi Bernie.

Do you have a pic or a link of the light you mention? It would make it easier to say.


Thank you for your reply. Not to familiar with the lingo, but I’m going with soil. I must admit have very little exprience in this field. The light is on order as is the tent. Mars hydro 650w is the light . Pretty much went on a good one and started to order.

Photoperiod plants flower based off of light cycles, autoflowers have an internal timer bred I to them where they naturally start to flower within a certain amount of time. And ok about the soil. Are you planning o using nutrients/fertilizers?


He meant are you planning to grow auto-flowering, feminised or regular photo period plans. Have you got any seeds yet. ?
Northern lights is a great strain to start with, no doubt some others will chime in and tell you what else is good for 1st time growing.
Good luck mate.


Yes nutrients feritilizers still looking for best resoures in the web. Thank you.

regular photo. no seeds planning to buy clones.

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Ah ok yeah I was gonna say clones are better to start with if you have access to some.

White widow is a good one to start with too. Along with blueberry headband


Im not seeing a mars hydro 650 under a google search. Most of their newer fixtures start with a ts or sp. 50 watt to 75 watt per square foot with the lm301 led light is probably overkill. Not overkill for their older blurple lights though or a traditional hid light. Also, dont expect your warranty to be covered by mars unless you buy directly from them. And, i would still have apprehensions about the purchase. 35 to 45 watts per square foot with the lm301 led lights is plenty sufficient. Also, check specs as joe mentions because led light manufacturers have a habit of naming the light a misleading number. They usually draw much less watts then you would believe based off the name of light.


Yes you’re right it’s mars hydro ts 600.

What would you recomment for 2x2x4 first time ever grower.

The most recent tech and has great reviews is a light that runs Samsung LM301B or LM301H diodes.

One example is the Spider Farmer SF 2000 and has great reviews, there are other manufactures that use those LEDS also, really depends on your budget

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Thank you for your time. peace out

The ts600 only pulls 100 watts. In a 2 x 4 i would be wanting to pull atleast 200 watts. Ideally 250 watts or so. You could run 2 of the ts 600. Check out hygro lighting solutions. Hes a seller on ebay out of the carolinas. Honors his warranty and builds really nice quantum board style lights using top bin samsung lm301 diodes. Cant go wrong.

Hey @Bernie welcome to Overgrow. I got the Mars hydro 600 I’m in a 36x20x62 tent.

I’m using one Mars 600 to start 6 plants but I’m only finishing two plants with 2 Mars hydro 600 in there.
I used a calculator to figure out the watts and mine pulls a little above 150 watts.


Would like to follow your growth. I’m working on a 2x2x4 only one light. I live in a RV park and limited to 30amps. Management is working on sites to up grade to 50amps.

Here you go I’ll be posting everything on here.

Like to see how you get along. Everyone here is very helpful. I’ve learned a lot from these folks over the yea6