36x20x62 Grow tent. Help me pick an LED grow light

I’m getting this Vivosun tent. 36x20x62.

Now I need help choosing a light. What one do you think would be good and would be good if I ever decided to go a little bigger.

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I really like this one cause I can add even more in the future using the daisy chain.

It’s probably an apples to apples comparison at this point. Similar diodes, similar build, same wattage. I imagine the coverage areas are exactly the same, as well. Just looking at the photos it doesn’t seem you can go wrong with either. I’m late to the revolution, still using HID metal halides at the moment. :man_shrugging:t2:

I posted that :point_up_2:t3: Before your third post. The dual 600 would probably cover your rectangular footprint a little better than a single light source centered in the tent. All other things being equal.

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Yeah that was my idea as well. I would love to get ahold of a HID or HPS. But they would most definitely be to hot in the tent. I could run exhaust for the light but more $ I don’t have at the moment. Plus the LEDs will keep the electric bill down quite a bit.

Purely from what I have learned you can get away with 30-50w per sq ft and and sit comfortably, if your area is a 3x2ft that gives you a 180 - 300w need. Somebody correct me if wrong but is this overkill?

In this case no. Those lights are not even close to the advertised wattage. I have not checked the specs, but the burple lights are typically only about 1/4 of the advertised wattage, so the real watts are going to be down around 250 watts.

Thats an ok amount for that size tent. Im running 320 watts in my tent and its just a bit bigger.

To check the actual watts look at the power draw. Find the voltage and the ampsthat it draws from the wall. Volts x amps = watts.


Ahh that makes sense. I’m running 240w in a 2x2. Still new to lights.

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I bought one off Amazon advertised as 1000watts (100- 10watt chips🤣) actual draw 185watts and it would work fine in that tent

My .02

I wouldn’t buy anything blurple. They will work but I think they are hideous.

The advice you are getting about fake wattage is good advice.

Many will disagree but in your position with a similar budget and tent size I would consider the mars SP150. It is rectangular.

Edit - I run 300w in a 2x4

All the best


i would go for the mars TS1000 - its 150watts which would give you 30 watts per square foot, and it’s $169 so only just over $1 per watt which is a decent price

i run my fixture around 450-550 watts in my 4x4 flower tent which is 28 to 35 watts per square foot - it’s capable of running up to 735 watts tho (45 watts/sqf)

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I thank you all. I will give you an update when I get the bad boy in the mail.