Heady Bear's Den- "Choose Your Own Adventure" OG Style!

Hey OG, I’ve had a couple partial grow journals around here; one because I was already flowering when I joined, and one because the grow turned into such a shit show that I was ashamed to show it!
This time you get the good, the bad, and the ugly.
I’m starting seeds in 3 inch breathable cloth bags (as seen in @DougDawson grows), up-potting to 1 gallon air pots, and then transitioning them to 5 gallon smart pots before switching the light cycle.
Germination and veg are happening in a 2x2x4 under a spider farmer sf1000, ac infinity 4 inch fan for exhaust, clip fan for air circulation.
Flowering tent is a 2x4 Gorilla, ac Infiniti 6 inch, carbon filter, and HLG 300 Rspec board.
Soil is Build-a-soil 3.0, and it’s my first time using it. I’ve read about people treating it as a water only super soil, so I’m starting out that way. I do have various KNF/JADAM inputs on hand in case I start seeing deficiencies.
The flow I have planned is: Pop 2 seeds of a given strain, 2 weeks from true leaves 2 more seeds of the same strain go in soil, 2 weeks, start 2 beans of a new stain, etc. etc. Up pot to one gallon when root formation dictates. Veg for 30 days, up pot to 5 gallon, switch tents and initiate flowering.
The pics are Longbottom Leaf x Starfighter f2s from Bad Dawg. They were selected toward LBL for this generation, and gifted to me by @oleskool830 Even though he’s gone, I know he’s blessing this grow onward, through the fog.
First 2 seedlings showed crazy twisty misshapen leaves, but seems to be growing out of it. The most recent sprout came up normal.

Alright friends I’ve changed the title of the thread, as I’ve made a decision…to not make decisions.

That’s right, going forward I will not be selecting any more strains to grow out.

I know. Shocking.

“I thought you were doing a (semi) perpetual grow, Heady!”

Oh I am.

Now that the hook is in…The way we’ll proceed going forward is that I will post a list of seeds that I possess from 1 of 4 categories: Breeder Packs, Co-op Reproductions, Landrace/Heirlooms, and OG Member Crosses.
Each month I’ll post a poll, and the strain with the most votes goes in the dirt!

When I make the poll I may include additional information (i.e. I don’t have enough daytime smoke in my headstash, I want to try making hash, I’m hunting “x” terpene/effect, etc.), or I might just post the list.

This Choose Your Own Adventure grow will begin following germination of the Arcata Trainwreck Fems provided by @BeagleZ , which will be hitting the dirt in about 2 weeks (there are 3, so I’m planting them simultaneously).
Beyond that, I am totally down to make small quantities of hybrid and fgen beans, so as we select strains, we can also keep an eye on potential crosses that make sense based on my collection.

Looking forward to your participation!
(Oh, and as a bonus for folks who stop by, I’ll host giveaways of crosses and fgens that result from my antics. Anybody who participates in a poll will be eligible, along with those of you who were here from the start…thank you for your support so far!)


Cool man, will be hanging around in the back :wink:


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Count me in!

HBear n the garden

Love watching @HeadyBearAdventures at work in the garden… :call_me_hand:


I’ll bless this run with vibrant emeraldgreen vibes! Have to bless your run! You blessed so many others.
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Good vibes on your grow!!


here for the fun. :cowboy_hat_face:


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I’m along for the ride bud!


Not much new going on in the tent, added some fermented plant juice, along with a splash of LABS to the water this time around.
I think the older plants should have deep enough roots to start bottom watering from here on out; sorry cheap Ace Hardware garden sprayer…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
1 plant is definitely growing out of the twisty deformed leaf phase, and has started to pick up speed the other is growing slooooow, and is just generally having more difficulty adjusting to life above ground.

Weird 4 finger leaf with one thickass blade up there! Anybody know anything about either LBL or Starfighter exhibiting a pattern of weird vegetative growth? I found it interesting that both plants presented that way.

The next largest plant (2 weeks younger, not pictured) has a set of true leaves on, but their germination mate had a slow start, difficulty shedding the hull, and then a couple more days to open cotyledon.

So it still looks like it just sprouted, even though it’s a week old.

Temps have been low-ish (high 60’s), so that may be contributing to the slower growth, but I had expected more hybrid vigor from these as F2’s.

I’m a patient human, so I’m not in a hurry, and I’m happy to stroll along at my plants’ pace.


By the way, welcome to all of you who are joining in!
This is the first time I’ve done more than dabbled in cultivation, so the idea of spending the year just running through a dozen strains is exciting, and daunting.
@BeagleZ and others might recall that I purchased a living soil bed for my tent, however I’ve since learned that the place I rent has an insane termite infestation and it’s uncertain my floors would support the weight of the bed with 12 cu ft of wet soil (the house has wood floors, and it’s elevated on timbers to create a crawl space beneath).
Hence the decision to utilize the Smart Pots.
Really glad to have you all, and I’m honored to see names of folks I really respect, keeping an eye out. :bear::purple_heart:


Yeah dude, a bed falling thru the floor would really suck to say the least. Prob a smart move going with the smaller pots.

I have a runt this round too, been fighting hard to get going so I’m going to keep it around and see what it does, prob won’t make it into the next flower round though.

When it popped up from the soil it was covered in mites. I washed them off but I think they were munching pretty hard at the inside and it caused some scarring. It took over a week for any green to show up.


Yep yep! That little one just worked so hard to LIVE that I have to give it a chance.


Alright, another week down!
I was visiting family, so my roomie watered the plants and they are taking off!
Alpha (the largest) continues to be the thickest, tallest, and biggest-leaved bush in the tent.

Beta is looking healthy and is just a shade behind in growth, with a much narrower stem.

From the later germination, Charlie has a second set of true leaves, and never exhibited the mutated/twisted early growth I saw in the first two, however Delta’s (the runt) first set of true leaves are twisted and deformed like the initial plants.

Light is at 100%, on an 18/6 schedule, but internodes look as though it’s 24/0!
Faint dank aromas beginning to be present.
Bottom watered with plain R/O water on Monday January, 9. The soil still feels slightly damp just below the surface today, so I’m giving them some time to dry out before the next application of OHN, FPJ, and LABS. I’m thinking they were slightly over watered, which is why they’re just a bit droopy
I’m really pleased with the progress while I was gone!


All outta like brother. Here have one of these :heart:‍:fire:

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Thanks buddy!
I almost forgot that 2 new beans went in the soil today:
The Maui Mango Haze from @misterbee 's holiday giveaway!
2 more will go in dirt in a couple weeks or so, followed by a series of 20Twenty Arcata Trainwreck (T-dub x Trainwreck Arcata cut) seeds, provided by @BeagleZ .
The plan is to pollinate cuts of those with Maui Mango Haze pollen. The selection for the MMH before @Guitarzan 's repro was suuuuper Afghan dominant, and I’d like to steer it toward something a bit more heady while maintaining tropical terps.
Hoping for a nice keeper mother from the Trainwreck, so I can play with her on the future; she just seems like a great breeding tool!


Lol, I’m looking at that picture and going: “That tent is an atrocity!”
I’ll organize cords and clean it out since it looks like I’m going to have company along for this grow.:laughing: