Heady & Scientific Glass

Im starting this topic for everyone to post their heady (and scientific) glass. (not mass produced) Heady glass is glass art which has been made by artist and not mass produced. it is usualy full of color and is very very beautifully designed. prices range from 100 to hundered of thousands of dollars. things can change alot from 100 bucks to 100,000 bucks. Scientific glass is clear glass with little if any color at all. its main purpose is… well… scienceXD that is where our bongs come from after all. all the joints and techniques are used in making beakers, tubes, coils etc. for lab gear. Heady glass takes the art from Italian glass blowing and mixes it with the scientific ideas.

this piece is a collab by rose roads from team japan and mothership glass and is a good example of a piece that costs over 100 thousand.

Here is a piece i just bought made my brandon welk! this is a good example of me not having 100 thousand to drop on a piece. XD

Id like to see your heady glass if you have some! not many see the beauty in this form of art.
i hope to open your eyes to the beauty!!



Big DeadHead here…
Love the pics. Grate thread idea.

Thanks for sharing!

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(Let’s see some more heady glass folks!)


No one has any art they wanna share?? Heres a pipe made by hetman glass in vancouver. One of my daily drivers.


Heres a pipe i just bought. Blown by a guy named jonk in grand prarie alberta.


I would post mine, but it’s not Heady and it’s mass produced… So… LOL


yea me too. my problem is that no matter how hard I try, I always break my glass. so I just gave up and buy cheapos now so when I break it I don’t feel bad.


Thats why i started buying heady glass. These glassblowers make strong pieces that rarely break when just dropped off the coffee table. And if you do break them the artist is more then willing to fix it. Ive broken several mass produced pieces and no way to get them fixedXD


Heady glass red blue green fumed.


Just got a new set and had to see if OG had a heady thread, which of course it did! I actually won a different set at auction that got lost in the mail. Well, I tried to hit up the artist and it just so happened that he turned himself in for some stuff that day. Buuttttt, his wife is also a glass blower and made me a completely different set that I actually like way more! The original one I never received is the yellow/pink one and new is obviously green/blue :slight_smile:


dunno about heady, but I’ll be damned if it ain’t unbreakable.

Don’t even know where I got it. Was sitting under a tree one day, crying about some ball I was gunna miss, and the bowl fell into my lap. If the shoe fits tho

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Here’s a piece Iam getting in friday, it’s made by Doshworld glass.