How do I apply hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is beneficial as an addition to nutrient feeding programs at all times. It feeds the good aerobic bacteria and kills the bad anaerobic bacteria. It also introduces radical oxygen atoms which oxidize elements, making them more available for the roots to assimilate. I apply 3% H2O2 at a rate of 30ml/gallon to the reservoir. The plants show no visible signs of stress afterwards, which indicates that it was not an excessive application.

Sprouting Seeds: add 30ml 3% H2O2 to 1 pint of water. Soak the seeds overnight.
Insecticide Spray: combine 250ml 3% H2O2 to 1 gallon spray mix.
Fast growing container plants: add 30ml of 3% H2O2 to 1 gallon water.
Hydroponics: apply 3% H2O2 at a rate of 30ml/gallon to the nutrient reservoir.


Great info, thank you

you can apply directly to the wound, or moisten a cloth and apply that way as well :laughing::grin:


Just wondering if added to bong water, it would attach to CO.

Could be a heart saver.

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Thank you. Ive heard about adding HP to the water. I fear a couple plants root systems could use some strengthening. I dont want to compound a issue by fertilizing. Plants are nice green. The roots are suffering tho. Does it help with gnats?


It helps with gnats but won’t kill them all plus you have to deal with the gnats’ larvae - stick some kids play-sand on top of soil when using it and that’ll stop the little c**ts in there tracks - i had a bad outbreak :mask: for ages, just now about to close out my perpetual growing to finally rid myself of the wee bastads…
Good luck with the gnats bud …

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i combated gnats for a while during winter and they went away completely after the last application of nematodes and yellow sticky traps, although it coincided with the change to summer so maybe the warmer temperatures and higher humidity helped ? :confused:

i’ve heard watering with hydrogen peroxide works good for combating gnats / killing larvae … i tried it as well, not sure how effective it was

I’ve had success using 250 ml per liter of water to combat mold.showing no signs of stress 2x applications a day. Is this just an anomaly

When watering with Hydrogen Peroxide do you add nutrients to the water also?
Also do you adjust the PH after adding the peroxide?

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This is a good question… I’m not really sure the
answer but I’d say you would be safe to PH after you mix everything just as you normally would. That is what i would do.