Hps ballast quality

Recently bought a Cali ballast by energy station to replace my old vivosheets. What’s everyone’s opinions on them? I know energy station is out of business, but did I get a good deal for 89 bucks? A new Cali ballast 1200w. Gonna use the vivo lamps as they’re fine. What bulbs would everyone run? Gonna run two hps with open wing reflectors and one mh bulb on a parabolic reflector. Wanna know the where I should spend the money.

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Those things gonna get hot lol eyehortilux for the bulbs. Don’t remember what ballast I have as it’s not marked but it’s green lol paid 160 for it new. Be careful as I had to buy this ballast in a rush because I bumped the plug on my ipower I had and it moved enough to cut the power and come right back on. Ballast made a snap and was done.


Your most precious resources are light and space; they are limiting factors.

As such, get the EYE Hortilux. Yeah, they’re expensive, but they consistently put out 10% more light than the cheap competitors and, IMO, last longer. 10% more light is HUGE, it’ll pay for itself several times over in one harvest. It’s one of the rare things in growing NOT to cheap out on. They also test every bulb, less likely to blow and cause problems, open reflectors are less safe and you want a bulb made in a US factory under stringent quality control. They are the best and most popular for a reason.

Honestly the only things you never wanna cheap out on are bulbs, ballasts, and fans. Everything else is negotiable.


i think galaxy ballasts are the best