Hydroponic with ease! finally

This is my current hydroponic setup it’s a 6 gallon setup that I retrofitted with a chiller at 69 degrees the reservoir would be in the plant would be drooping and very slow growth I gave up on this plant left it in the dark for 4 days turned off all the pumps and everything gave up on it came back and it was thriving the water was 74 degrees so I set it to 72 and been running it sterile ever since and thank God it’s been working for me first hydroponic system I’ve been able to get into flower… I’m running just straight Maxi Bloom and clear Rez with some calmag anda pH down that’s it… this system is a recirculating deep water culture in the sense that there’s four sites evenly surrounding the center site all four sites spray in a direction towards the middle so all of my roots have been getting water shot on to them I literally leave it for a week at a time and when I come back the reservoir will sometimes be and I know I shouldn’t say this but sometimes it’ll go from 6 gallons to a 1 gallon I s*** you not and I change the reservoir week every weekend and it’s been working!!! I’m in a 2 x 2 x 4 lol but I’m gonna keep her here and see what I’m able to pull off… I’m using a Amazon bought lenofocus 120w led so it’s working really well considering…everything you see in these pictures I’ve been accumulating over the past year and this is about $600 worth of investments


Challenge accepted


Wow how are you growing this plant were are the roots ? And what’s the medium are there clay pebbles in the black lid


Just in a simple 4x4 rockwool cube

100% healthy roots


Amazing!!! What nutrients are you using… and is this a recirculating system… How do you keep the rockwoool moist?

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Are you flowering yet what week are you on

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I didn’t want to hijack your thread so I made my own with more info included.


I just started using hydro to speed up seed to flower in my perpetual grow, made 15 container mini DWC res. Are 32oz with chiller., working out temps now …


I personally like the idea but your bottles are clear … ? Is this just to start them in because I wouldn’t use clear pots basically.

For any longer than the first week

Have opaque ones drying just been to watch the process and yes I am only looking at them being in water for 3-4 weeks.

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