First grow diary

First try (officially) outside of stupid teenage attempts at starting my grow journey. I hope to try to keep up with it here. I’ve been lurking for sometime and feel good.


Good luck!


So what’s with the bags? Sprouting?

So, tell us about them, what strain? And yourself, how many times have you tried growing? (Yes, even teenage attempts count) What did you learn from them?


Nice clean setup!

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So I am not starting off unread. I have a brother who is very competent in growing and one of reasons I wanted to get into this.

As far as the other attempts in the early years it was a bunch of dumb shit, like throwing seeds from our dub sacks and seeing a sprout ere or there then trying a closet grow and getting it tossed and threatened with getting kicked out of the house. Dumb shit. I have only had one ever attempted grow and it was a shit show compared to now. I was however able to produce a bud or two from a wardrobe in a closet with a lamp. Crazy lucky dumb shit.
p.s. that bud was trash and it was about 10 years ago.

Fast forward to now and i am in a place where I am legal and at a place where I can afford to dive in and enjoy this.

So on gear I went with an A/C Infinity combo tent for simplicity. (4x4), Nothing fancy just an off the shelf kit and I have played with settings for the last week to get climate right and ready for clones. Decided to go clones first for pure genetics and possibly better result. Using earthboxes and Build a Soil 3.0 with some of their rootwise added into the mix before i dropped my clones in.

I let that sit for a day then the girls arrived and I ended up going with 2 strains.

  1. Cinderella-Pineapple
  2. Rosetta Stone

I’ll hopefully try to write down and detail this journey without doing what I normally do and swear I’ll remember it. Thanks for the encouragements.


Nice man! Skipped all the basic stuff & went straight to SIPs / Clones. Anything worth doing, is worth doing right :+1:


Clean and well organized, good luck!

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So had my first worry with the new girls. One of them started to droop pretty significantly. She was the tallest and I was slowly adding light. The other 3 we’re showing no signs of stress, just the tallest. I asked my guru and after relaxing and seeing a treatment rather than a response I decided to crank humidity to 100% and heat to 85 and let her ride in best conditions. Her genetics should help recover. Woke up this morning to get starting to teach and not drooping as much. Showing signs of recovery just over night. Hopefully she was a little too close to the light and needed a day.


Woo buddy, love me some Earthboxes/SIP’s! :metal:

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So I have a few first week pics. Happy with the progress. Slowly taking and looking good. Had to trim some dead ends and suckers but showing signs of life and growth.


They certainly look to have perked up from lat pics. Should find their groove pretty soon in those boxes. Best of luck!

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