Kasper’s Pollen Chucks

Any help and/or suggestions welcome. Do I really need flowering nutrients and any other suggestions. These are growing in mostly fox farm happy frog with a few amendments. I’ve fed them very little with the fox farm trio. They are on day 36 and are currently on a 19/5 schedule. They are Jack herer and Tahoe og. I’m almost certain I have no males but I’ll be

making sure over the next couple days. They will be pollinated with some skunk#1 pollen that I got from a very generous person.


They look great.

Yes you really need nutrients.

Sounds like a nice cross.


Would you flip them at this point or wait a little longer?


Also I’m wondering about which branches on these to cut for clones. It’s just basically one of the colas right? just go down to the beginning and cut it. I’ve watched videos but this is one of those things that until I do it.


Any branch will do. I usually go for main growing tops. You don’t want to cut the whole branch off. You want to leave a few lateral branches so that they take the place of what you cut off.


Ok makes sense


I usually start flower around 6 weeks after they’ve shown sex. There are reasons to do it other ways.

It depends on how big you want them to get etc.

I would flip them.


From the looks of them, you’ll want to cut way back on the nitrogen part of your fertilizer. and start flowering/bloom nutrients. Once flowering starts they’ll have different needs.

It’s normal for them to start losing the heavy green color (it’s from nitrogen for putting on growth of the veg) once they’ve been in flower for around 4 weeks or so. Don’t worry that leaves turn yellow, It’s because they are more interested in fulfilling their mission to flower and/or make seed.

You might be able to find a nutrient weekly feeding schedule on the Fox Farm site so you get your timing right. Once you flip the light schedule, it’ll take a couple of weeks sometime to see any flowering starting. Normal.

Most strains will go 8-10 weeks in flower unless it’s on the sativa side. If you need strain info, I use SeedFinder for the genetic map and to know how long to expect a strain to flower. A little planning and being a week or two ahead in your mind, you’ll do fine.

No overdoing it on most nutrients. Less is usually more. They look good and healthy. If you want smoke I’d veg a few more weeks, but if you’re gonna pollinate them, maybe not as long. It’ll just get bigger and give a bigger yield of bud/seeds.

If it were me, I’d flower them all out for the smoke and give yourself a chance to get a feel for the process. If you plan on only pollinating one or two limbs, go ahead and count on the whole plant getting seeded and leaving you no clean bud to smoke, lol. Ask me how I know.

If you really plan, there are a few tricks to make it happen, but pollen is microscopic and will never cease to amaze you in the ability to find a sexed up female.

It’s a neat accomplishment to make your own seeds, but honestly, making beautiful unseeded sensimilla flowers that make you smile until you run out, is the best.

If you take and keep a clone or two, they will make the exact same seeds as the mother plant would have.

Have fun and ask and read a lot. Prepare to be hooked. peace


Ya I just have a q tip with pollen on it so not allot. Was gonna try and just rub one branch of each strain. Thank your for the great write up I love it.


Took my first cuttings last night and made a makeshift cloning cabinet.



There is nothing more annoying than writing a full paragraph then being logged out after being logged in continuously since last night. It’s like it just waits for me to get deep into writing something then it’s like nope your logged out.


Now what was I writing? Oh ya I see some people do a full 24 hours of darkness before flipping is that necessary? Also from what I understand I don’t start bloom nutrients till a week after the flip?


Also what if i take that smaller one out and keep vegging it for 2 months while these flower? Its just hard to get around in there with all five.


Well they are on 2nd day of 12/12. I did end up taking one out that I may veg for 2 months till these finish up. Can’t wait to use that skunk pollen, fingers crossed. Those four plants are going to take that whole tent IF they are all females. Gonna roll the dice on this one. I also found another mars hydro tsw2000 for really cheap so im gonna pop that in there also to flower. So there will be two tsw 2000s in the 4x4. Unless there is any reason not to do that.


Also I haven’t given any nutrients in awhile and barely any before. I figure I’ll start on the bloom part of the fox farm trio soon. I will give some micro nutrients tonight tho when they wake up.


Here’s the 4. Already filling in the space


Beautiful plants. Keep up the good work :v:


Have you taken clones yet!