Led DC panel

Most led panels are dc are they not?
The difference between dc and ac is that DC is always on while ac alternates on and off.
A 300 watt dc panel, will in theory, produce 2x as much light per unit time as a 300 watt ac bulb with the same lumen per watt output.

Overall dc has greater light output because the panel is always on, not in a constant on/off state.

The difference between AC and DC is DC flows one way constantly whereas AC flows in alternating directions (both ways). There is no on/off. The intensity of light is not related to the type of current but the amount of power supplied to the fixture. hope this helps


Yeah mate, it actually on/off, that’s the flicker. A factor of hertz.

It is know as an “intermittent signal”. Magnetic field oscillates a certain number of times per second inducing an electric current into a conductor. This oscillation is in an on off cycle as the field passes over the conductor…rpm, cycles per second, hertz.

You can also daisy chain dc ballasts for a higher wattage.

It’s DC simply because Light Emitting Diodes are diodes- which only work one way; AC or reverse polarity DC will kill them.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to get at here. AC vs DC is not more powerful or fast. They are two different means of power transmission. The laws of conservation of energy still apply here.