Looking for Sweet Tooth #3

from what I recall, swt3 was made till all 2003, then it was the 4 that was… different… I didn’t like it honestly…
less prone to mold but also less… less !
I suspect that some digging on CW will tell us more as archives are online.

Less, as in less vigor? Line breeding is always a dance between increasing the preponderance of desirable phenotypes and decreasing vigor. Steve worked with very small selections in the early days - often just a handful of P1 individuals to chose mothers and fathers from. I believe he chose his Blueberry male from a total of five seeds. The practice sets up a strain for early inbreeding depression in subsequent generations. One of the reasons I’ve been waiting on this project was I have been considering whether an “outcross” to the SPG clone might be a more satisfactory outcome.



“less” as less everything…
less vigour, less production but less mold problems too that’s true.
I must say that the overall most amazing growth I’ve done have been of Steve’s adventure mix… pheno hunting fest with keepers every time…

Chimera grapefruit x blueberry was a joint project between sol and chimera and if you can find them they are what breeder steve sold as sweet tooth 1.1

I have couple of bits from sol but unfortunately i’ve no longer have any original swt tooth#3 but do have some swt tooth#3 that were given out as freebies years back. These seeds were bought from breeder steve in bulk to be given out as freebies, i think the germ rates were not that great but the wise people over at icmag started selling them and had a big falling out with breedersteve.


I know it’s off topic, i do know where until about 10 days ago there is 1 pack of original spice of life sweet blue x12 seeds for sale, probably the last pack on the planet for sale.

I physically saw them held them 10 days ago, vac packaging in perfect condition, they had 2 sweet blue and 1 blue satellite 2.2 . Blue sat and 1 pack of sweet blue been sold.

Do I understand it correctly that it is very subjective term?

That IBL is stable only in those traits that breeder is looking for and only to the level that breeder assumes sufficiently “stable”.

You are lucky guy!

Packs like these are simply priceless!


These are the ones. They was £100


Thanks to @Knospe it is here!
Thanks to Overgrow for this opportunity.

Can’t wait to germinate them!


Well, yes in practice, but not in theory. In theory a variety referred to as an IBL should be consistent in the expression of more or less all of the primary characteristics of value in a commercial crop - from stature to maturity period, disease resistance, leaf and fruit appearance, etc. “Peas in a pod” as Oldtimer says.

But you are right in that there are a lot of “IBLs” sold at seed shops that shouldn’t be labeled as such. Inbred lines need several generations of backcrossing by a skilled breeder to fix traits and cull out-of-character individuals. Most breeders don’t have the discipline to see a project through to IBL, and seed buyers don’t really reward the effort, because who cares if a strain is IBL or F1 if you are only going to plant 10 seeds and grow most strains once? If you like a strain you clone your best girl and you’re done.

IBLs are more important to breeders and the future’s large commercial ops, where Blue Dream and Bubba Kush will be planted like corn in Kansas, and harvested the same way. In those operations, having ten thousand seeds that grow exactly alike will be far more valuable.



That definition needs to be put in Websters! (dictionary)

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A least in Grow-faq-webster :slight_smile:


Hey @HydroPower how’s the germination going… Very curious… Hope you don’t mind!


I haven’t germinated them yet. I have to plan it more (the room in cabinets)…
But rest assured I will let you know!


I still preserve the ST#3 in F5, splitted in 6 different lines from 6 differents P1-F1 duo. I close one soon to restart the battle in F6.

Tribute :


Not exactly what you’re looking for, but Dankonomics just dropped his SWT4 IBL beans, not sure about their current availability, but check it out:


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Excellent information bro! Your knowledge and ability to convey it are remarkable. A wordsmith indeed. Thank you.


@Fuel that looks really good there pal, and worked to F5? Sounds like a super stable winner. Are all six lines worked to F5, or just the particular ones that had the best expressions? And how long would you say it took to work the line that far/long?

Kudos man, love seeing true breeding work done, salute to you.


thx bro, it’s a love affair with this lady.

The 6 lines was initially created to split the F1 sources and somes are dedicated to specific traits (taste, yield and high). But globally i’ve done that more as a garantee to can work her a long time.

It was maybe overkill because today in pure F5 (without inter-inbred for the moment) the global vigor, performances and stability is near the same that the F1 (i’ve no honor on it, i care about her but it’s mainly due to the genetical value). She just take longer to produce mature seeds, but they are bigger coconuts that the F1. Females are very good mothers, the loss at the final calibration is minimal.

Kind of work that no longer exist today imho, outside very rare exceptions. You have to push her very hard in selection to can segregate the bloods.

The line i’m actually on is dedicated to the high. A bit more leafy and “sappy” that the initial standart but damn the high is barely the same that when you chew some leafs of another magic plant of the andes. New growers that are generally dedicated to narcotic hammers turn white within twos toke with this one. More for haze lovers used to be high as fuck and to deal with a heart that want to get out from the thorax lol Even her cannabutter is high as fuck at all level of abuse, disturbing. Eat an entire strong brownie of 100 grammers and you can’t sleep more that one hour for twos days ^^

I’m actually closing the selection in this line (i’ve extracted a male that will drive the F7 and a collateral project of hybrid), the only thing to show actually is the last seeded clone that mature some F6. But i’ve an ancient motherplant that i actually flower in sinse, wait around 3 weeks and you can see her buds in my grow diary.

My biggest regret is to don’t have buyed and collected seeds the same way with the Shishkaberry back in the days. Another valuable genetic horse that fit my tastes. Can’t collect and maintain them all in same time, it’s an half regret.


Tell me about it, I would love to find a legit old school Shishkaberry cut/seeds. I miss her very much. You don’t know what you got, until it’s gone.


I agree, so many jewels was losted during this golden age. The Shish blood still alive in North, but to find a trusted source of fresh seeds is like walking on the water damn. I generally don’t appreciate “stone hammers”, but this one was so clear and neat. An aluminium baseball bat that put you to sleep without any harm. The total opposite of a chemD or a Skywalker that fck my mood if I use it too much on daily basis. Anyway, i keep the eyes open for this one too for 2018 season ^^