What strains do you miss/had the biggest impression on you?

what strains had the biggest impression on you, or had the most unique experience with?

when i was in high school back in the early 90’s me and my buddies got super lucky and bought some NL#5. at least that’s what i think it was. you take a big toke and upon exhale it felt like my insides went numb. then the very heady high kicked in shortly after. my buddy actually vomited on his first hit. he had a weak stomach :slight_smile: if you think i am wrong, please let me know. i was in high school buying from another young kid. who knows what it was.

the other one that made a big impression on me was back in 07 my wife and i went on our honeymoon to Europe. spent about 2 weeks traveling. we spent extra time in Amsterdam and i bought some white widow from a coffee shop. it was amazing! my wife had to lead me around for half the day by the hand so i wouldn’t wander off and get lost. lol


I don’t really count stuff from when I was a teenager because anything that wasn’t brickweed would get us super high, also we had no clue what anything was anyways lol.

Years ago I saw a dude I knew at a bar and we were playing pool and stuff. We went outside for a smoke and he pulled out a doob of Durban that he had grown outdoors that summer. It tasted like sweet perfume or something and gave me the happiest weed buzz of my life. Everything was sparkly and crisp looking it was amazing. I’ve had other durbans since then, but never anything quite like that.

We had a cut of blueberry X big bud when I first started growing that yielded huge and could take anything you threw at it. I swear you could pour nutes out of the bottle onto this thing and it would love it lol. Had beautiful bright green buds with foxtailing and a fruity pineapple kinda flavor with a really hard hitting racing high. Sooooo many pounds of weed came off that one original random cut.


707 Purple Kush & something called ‘The Cave’ from 415, Super Silver Haze, GDP. I miss ‘The Cave’ the most. It was a very piney hydro grown knockout. Anyone here would’ve been floored by it in 1998. If those folks are still growing I can only imagine WTF they have now. :telescope:

Asking stoners to remember is asking a lot. :laughing:

:evergreen_tree: :couch:


Grunk It was O so GOOD!



I ran a Thai strain once that i could not re-create and still miss. It was dreamy potent stuff that tasted of chocolate orange :yum:

I ended it because of it’s ridiculous size and bloom time for a medium yield. Still missing it18 yrs later though…


Reeferman’s, Nigerian Nightmare…The complete package, weight, trichome’s, very nice nose, and taste. Made top shelf Bubble. Unfortunately…She’s the one that got away…I have tried multiple times to reach out to Charles, and probably every seed bank out there. No luck…

Thanks a lot Jdem…I was trying to forget her…She stole my heart :frowning:




Sorry man. Im getting old, i like to reminice. I also though this might get poeple thinking about those great strains that made an impression on us. Maybe some one has a forgotten pack of seeds out there and do a seed run :grin:


Out here . . There used to be some hippies out around the Magaliesburg mountains in the early 90s that had what I believe was a Swazi x Skunk #1 cross that they called Vusky . There was no way you could take a puff of that stuff and not cough. Not many people have heard of it here as it was not grown in large quantities and only really moved around small circles. Wish I could bring that back haha.


If I can track Nigerian down, I would gladly pay the seed run forward, and share :slight_smile: There could be some very interesting crosses with her.




I miss the Lebanese Blonde Hash I used to get back in the day.


When Frampton Comes Alive came out we went to the concert with that, opium balls, panama red, thai stick and beers, I miss the good ole days.


So easy, in early 2001 or 2002 maybe, from a pair of Aussie bean bangers, Seeds From The Igloo was the name on the seed packets, but the JackFlash X Super Skunk was hands down the most potent, tasty, weed I ever grew out!!
Dang I was so new to the cultivation game back then!
That weed had many TKO’s among my circle. It was like getting hit in the head with a 2x4!
Many people would laugh, until their knees buckled, or they woke up fetal in the morning outback.
Heck I watched a guy keep berating it as it WAS KNOCKING HIM DOWN!
Man what a lovely bitch slap that was!


Wakeford had to be one of the best I have grown, grew it twice and did not save a cut

moved on to other stuff thought I would be able to get beans of it whenever

but not so :frowning:

Wakeford = UBC Chemo X (G13xSkunk#1)


Im germinating their road kill skunk any experience


:mountain: The Cave. SF Bay Area '97-98
Still to this day I miss the extreme pinene, fuelly indica that ate up part of my scholarship money. I really wish I knew what it was.



Grunk is one I wish I had again.


When I was a lot younger I mostly grew nirvana strains and thus they have a special place in my heart. I still have California orange bud which I’ve inbred over the years but the ones I miss are:

Northern lights
White widow
Pure power plant

Some of these are still available and I think Chrystal is a hybrid of wwxnl.

They’re still out there - I just need to get ‘em.


Pure Power Plant knocked me for a loop on the morning we flew out of Schipol. We had a taxi ride from Haarlem to the airport and we only got a chance to get a couple of tokes in when the driver freaked out. :upside_down: Good luck on the quest, @Foreigner.


The year 2000 the strain purple indigo it was the first weed with a name that I smoked up until then it was either mexi Reggie or outdoor local grown which varied greatly a friend in highschool’s brother brought it back from Mizzou on Christmas break cost me 25 for a gram and at the time all the other weed around was 25 a quarter savored every last hit in a battie lol


PPP was my daytime weed for a very long time.

I once had to smoke an 1/8 of blonde hash to myself before hitting schipol. I made it through 2 grams and gave the rest away to a homeless man :slight_smile: