SHSC-1 Grows Shiskaberry 3f2

@PineTarBastard was looking for a breeder to run an Ustad Shiskaberry co-op run.
I’m stepping up to the plate :wink:

So what we have between us is a pack of Ustad Shiskaberry 3 f2 … I think these were released in 2015 and I bought some packs back then. Pinetarbastard is sending me his Ustad seeds. When I originally popped my Ustad seeds back in 2016 I also popped the last remaining 1998 Shishkaberry F1 seeds. I documented the grow on icmag at the time and I also have a fairly good spread of photos both indoor and out. So I crossed the nicest male from my Ustad seeds to the lone 1998 female shiskaberry F1 that came from the old seeds.
So @PineTarBastard 's seeds are 2015 Ustad Shiskaberry 3f2 original pack and mine are 1998 Shiskaberry F1 x 2015 Ustad Shiskaberry 3f2. I have 69 seeds left to work with. I released a bunch of 25 seed breeder packs of my “cross” to Seedbay back in 2017 but they are long gone into the community by now. The release was called Shiskabah.
I have many photos of the plants from the seeds I made.
So the plan would be to pop the Ustad seeds and keep them as the primary breeding plants and also I would hunt thru some F1 x #3f2 for potential males.
I’m new to all this co-op run business but I am not new to breeding and selecting. I’m also intimately familiar with the shishkaberry in general so am really keen to see this one through and make a few thousand seeds for the community.


hmmmm I understand guys @DougDawson and @G-paS
I looked at as preserving “Shiskaberry” but I see your point of view.
There seemed to be a lot of anticipation for Alaskagrown’s shishkaberry co-op run but no word on if that one is still going on.
I figured this could work with the genetics at play.


Thanks Doug! :heart_eyes:
Interesting, F2’s? Hmm?
Do folks on this site still have access to F1 shiskaberry?
Now that would be a cool preservation run if they sprout.

I think @SHSC-1 can handle the plant count for an open pollination.
Dunno if that is the end goal for him or something else.
He is usually a social guy.
So I should let him speak for himself.
He is a trusted friend that lives on the :canada: side of the border.

Soo I ask…he could do kinda like a co-op run and distribute it in much of the same manner, but the seed run may not meet the proper criteria to roll out under the category of a co-op?
I wrote that kinda weird does it sound right?

That sounds awesome to me, dunno how those gents wanna go about things.
I like the sound of that, but I am just one of the many voices here crying out "give me more seeds, I need 'em bad"…LOL

I know you have heard it a million times @DougDawson
You are awesome for doing what you do, and soo much of it too.



In the end there is nothing wrong with @SHSC-1 doing the seed run. Many people do seed runs outside the Co-op and it’s awesome. The fact is that the Co-op strayed some from it’s original purpose and the action group is just trying to get the course corrected. We are in no way trying to discourage growers from doing their own seed runs. There is a ton of help out here, including myself, that can help growers get seeds out into the community outside the Co-op. They are also free to do giveaways or whatever they like to spread those seeds. I would hope that @SHSC-1 will still consider going ahead and doing a run on them. The community seems to support the idea.


I will talk it over with @PineTarBastard and see what he wants to do.
I will be popping my seeds pretty soon regardless so when I do I will consider a seed run,
Now that I am understanding this co-op concept … I get it and support it.

@shag … Did I show you these yet?
Just finished cleaning them up of duds and weed bits. Not sure what I am gonna do with the many thousands of seeds in that pic LOL Might have to do some random giveaways.
fraser valley blueberry hp x dr atomic blueberry nl BX1 F2

:sunglasses: :fire: :fire:


LOL, that’s a ton of seeds. Nice job bud.


No you did not…and wow that is a ton of seeds brother.

Not a bad idea.

I just did some of that myself, a ton of work and not a lot of fun…LOL

fraser valley blueberry is an old one but a good one.
The cross sounds like some fire, keep us posted.


So a plan has been hatched for the Ustad Seeds Shiskaberry 3f2
Once they get here , I’ll fit them into rotation and do a seed run outside the co-op structure.
It will be an open F2 of the pack that arrives but I will also pop some of my gene pool for some comparison and if need be , use those in the seed run as well but keep any seeds using those as a seperate bulk batch.
Gee, word got around that I was holding those seeds I made in 2017 of the 98shiska x 2015ustad shisk3 f2. I have… or rather had… 69 seeds remaining of the cross but just traded away 20 of those for some miraculous meds/DJ short collab… 90’s blues and gee I’m stoked about those meeting up with the shiska genes… anyways. I’ll start a thread and get things going once the beans are in hand from @PineTarBastard. Any questions just hit me in DM so we don’t side track this thread anymore than I have haha :wink:


Right on @SHSC-1 :sunglasses: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :fire: :peace_symbol:


hey cool we have a thread … thanx to whomever set this thread up.
I’ll update as soon as things get rolling
stay tuned!!


Your welcome! I hope the run goes well. II can change the title if you wish. You had a lot of information that was getting lost. I also saw your post :wink:

:green_heart: :seedling:


Gonna hop on the Shiskaberry train, if you don’t mind, should be a wild ride…:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


I’m going to hitch a ride on the train as well :v:t4:


Thank you for your hard work brother…
Can’t wait to see them Shiska babies :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:



shisk train f3

Phew!.. Just made it! :call_me_hand:


Hola @SHSC-1

I did send some seeds to Alaska
never got news either.
If you need more seeds I did an increase
of Shiskaberry seeds from Shiska here
it was done a few months ago so fresh seeds.

contact me if need be



that is great news @Barefrog , thankyou for that offer… I may take you up on that :wink:
I’ve been pondering this Shiskaberry plan and want to turn this into a Shiskaberry revival.
First step will be to increase the Ustad shiskaberry 3f2 and get that seed lot out to all the OGs.
Then we will take it even further and try and source as many donors as possible be they seeds or clones and then make some selections for another run. We will see. I don’t want to make too many promises and have the wheels fall off the cart LOL but Shiskaberry is one of my personal favorites from back in the day and I am all in when it comes to revival breeding projects. I figured Breeder Steve would continue his work and seed lines but I think he is beyond that these days and probably dabbling in some legal grows in foreign countries… who knows eh? He did pop up fairly recently and I watched a podcast with him in not that long ago.
anyhow… when the beans arrive I will get this thread rolling but in the meantime… The 2nd stage of this revival project will be seeking Shiskaberry cuts if any are out there to be shared.
stay tuned :wink:


I am here for this!


I’ll be watching and sending good vibes ! I can’t wait to see how this goes.

:seedling::herb:🪴 :evergreen_tree: