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Now, we have 2 main topic here
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One is New Sponsor on the boards

Two is Mars Hydro latest news

Three will be Mars Hydro GIVEAWAY

Hi, Crease There is still a room for us to learn here, thanks for your advice and kind understanding. We deleted that post already :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Lol it’s all good, I would have accepted a joke about it like what @StillSmoking said about our government. But, all is good

Hi, Gaz29

Thanks for your advice and kind understanding, there is still a room for us to learn here. For this giveaway, we will post it in another separate but still under Sponsor catalog, the topic will be MARS HYDRO GIVEAWAY…

We will let you know what products we are going to giveaway and how’s the enter rules on next Monday :point_left: :point_left: :point_left:


Oh hey @MarsHydro_LED

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If you are on a budget and just getting started,this is the thread you want



I’m rockin the walmart screw in leds so far I’m not minding them. I was skimming that post earlier and plan to give it a full read


Hi, HardRoC Mars TS1000 is a it’s name, it doesn’t refer to its power draw, the actual power draw of TS1000 is 150W +/- 5 w.

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Yes, we will let everyone know what lamp we are going to giveaway and how’s the enter rules on next Monday, it will be posted in a separate thread, but still under sponsor catalog. :point_left: :point_left: :point_left:


Hi, HaRdRoc We are going to select one winner to send one of our free lamp :boom: , enter rules and what lamp is for giveaway will be cleared on next post. We will post it in a separate thread under sponsor catalog, the topic will be MARS HYDRO GIVEAWAY…

Hi, Tappy we will let you know what lights for giveaway and how’s the enter rules on next Monday, in a separate thread under sponsor catalog. :sparkles:

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Because we haven’ started yet, hahha :grinning: We will make all clear on next Monday. Stay tuned:wink:

Looks like a even playing field to me. Y’all do what you got to do… I am happy…


:boom: Attention pls all growers :boom:

There are lots of questions been discussed on Mars Hydro over last week, we want to help provide the answer.

Who we are

Specialize in LED grow lights and grow tents since 2009, Mars Hydro offers global customers a large range of full spectrum led grow lights and grow tents for indoor growing.We are the official manufacture, selling directly to global 2C or 2B clients with the best price. Worldwide warehouse and service center are available in USA, Canada, UK, AU, Germany and Russia, shipment can be made for those countries within 3~7 business days, no customs tax needed.

What is LED grow light?

(LED) grow lights are a type of energy efficient lights that are an option for indoor growers. It passes light through semiconductors to create their spectrum.
LED grow lights can be used as the sole means of lighting in a growing operation, as a supplement to natural light, or paired with other types of grow lights.
Unlike other types of grow lights, light emitted by LEDs can be focused, so that none is dispersed or lost between the bulb and the canopy of the plants. LEDs have long service lives, with bulbs lasting from 50,000 to 100,000 hours of continuous use. LED lightening is the future.

Types of our LED grow lights?

Various types of grow lights for indoor and greenhouses planting. Whether you need to replace 300W 600w 1000W HPS, fluorescent light system, or hydroponic systems, we got you covered. Check out our products page , we got Mars Pro II,Mars II,Mars Reflector ,Mars COB and Mars ECO, now we have newly released Mars SP and TS series with white color, full spectrum, high PPE. No matter what you need, you will find a suitable one here.

Size and Features of our tents

We now have 2.52.5,24,33,44,55,48,8*8 available on website.

  • High reflective 1680D cloth, 99% reflect your light, increasing ppfd and help you grow even better;
  • No plastic parts, all steel tube and steel corner.
  • Enough standard vents for your wire, exhaust fans, tubes. etc;
  • Top quality zipper, and well hand works on every details.

When will Mars Hydro first giveaway started? How to join in the contest?

We will have our first giveaway started on next Monday, enter rules will be posted in a separate thread under sponsor catalog, it will be only one winner, for the one, we will send one of our free light.


Hi, growers We just opened a new thread about Mars Hydro giveaway, let’s have a look at the product we are going to send
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From 2019, we launched two new products on the market, they are all quantum boards design, their name is Mars SP and Mars TS. This week, we are going to introduce our Mars Hydro SP from many points. :slight_smile:

First, take a look products info,

How to build Mars-Hydro tent and SP250 Light ? ? ?

Now, let’s take a look Mars Hydro SP250 LED Grow Light PAR Test !


Mars Hydro SP 250 Week 8 Flower Breeding Project Pre Harvest

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Harvest #1 Mars Hydro SP250