My first frozen outdoor grow/harvest

So I’ve got several indoor grows under my belt but never played outside. Ive had these babies flowering since about mid November. Due to the cold they didn’t get to big but man are they beautiful. My question for you OGers today is…I’ve heard of people washing their outdoor buds. I’ve had zero pest problems and it doesn’t seem necessary. Any input is appreciated on the possible difference in an outdoor harvest.


Jilly bean x Platinum kush


grease monkey


Cherry pie


mystery seed


my hopeful pollination of grease monkey x blueberry kush


I would suggest washing them. Even with 0 bugs, there’s still plenty of dirt and dust outdoors. You could always keep a few buds unwashed to see the difference for yourself.

Nice plants :grin:


I can tell you that when we started making cold water hash we found that buds that were washed with Ice water, beaten and dumped outside for compost. Would grow back trichomes, so much that we started allowing bud to screen breath for two days and run again once. Bam, more hash.

When it came to washing, we have nothing but success with it, you will see the buds like it too. No different though than when harvesting outdoors and a good final rinse before final sweat and chop.


You’d be amazed at what comes off of those buds.

This part is anecdotal, but I find the wet trim after a dunk far easier.


Thank you. Looks like I’ll be doing it. I mean even on the cherry pie pic there is some dandelion leaf


Could you describe your process?

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Final rinse, final sweat? How do you do it?

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Big tub is just water, blue tub is water and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

Chop each branch into a manageable length. Dip branch into peroxide bucket and shake it around 10-30 seconds. Toss branch in fresh water tub, shake it around. Remove branch, allow to dry.


Tub with twenty gallons room temp water 70 F at least. 1 cup baking soda stirred in. Dip buds 10 seconds
next Tub with same amount of water and 1 quart of H202. Dip buds 30 seconds gently swirl a bit
Last Tub with plain water, dip 15 seconds and dry as normal after drip free.

Your looking for a fizzing reaction between the baking soda and the Peroxide, its like Oxy Clean…lol


Feels like my process might be a bit overkill, but I use a 5 bucket setup.

First bucket is plain water, then a bucket of water with peroxide, 3rd bucket is water with baking soda and lemon juice, and the last 2 are a rinse.

If you don’t have any powdery mildew at all, you can skip the bucket with peroxide.

I trim first, then use the first bucket to take off any bits of leaf. Helps keep the rest of the buckets from having a ton of leaf floating on top.


Thank you guys all so much. Looks like you guys all kind of do something similar. Time to find what I like as I plan on growing outdoors a lot more often. I got some Autos arriving in the mail any day and I got the pots ready. I’m going to start them inside while it’s still really chilly in Arizona and then try to have a harvest outside by the time it’s 100°. It’s my first auto run, I’ll keep you all posted.