My New Project

what is the light you have over it ?

thank you :slight_smile:

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It’s a 100watt quantum board from a Chinese company called parfactworks. I actually got it for free for doing an unboxing video of it on Amazon. Lol they say they use Samsung diodes and it has far red as well as IR diodes. Plant seems happy under it so I figured I’ll just veg with it and save money before I kick the big HPS on for flower.

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so here is my next question a 100 watts of light or power from the wall?

why I ask is I want to put up some LEDs in my room so I can run my HIDs for 10 hours

in veg instead of 14 hours

bigger twice the room so I would like to keep my light bill in the neighborhood of sane

was thinking of using LEDs fro the first 2 hours and last 2 hours of a 14 hour day

getting it for free makes it all that much better :slight_smile:

thanks again for the answer


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Yes absolutely! From my current meter I can see that it pulls ~97 watts from the plug. I would like to switch completely to led someday. I just get results I like from my DE 630CMH fixtures.

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The plant has not been growing vertically much but the lateral growth has been insane. She’s really starting to fill in. I may need to raise my light somehow to encourage some height.


getting as bushy as can be! Really need to raise this light lol.


Deffinatly bushy!!! The light looks awesome with that warp. I would vote for that I’m picture of the month… Just saying.


Eyy thanks friend


need to redo my scrog net. 20 gallon fabric pot now :blush: