My August 2020 grow

Back at it after a 17yr break. Try and make this quick so here we go.

Indoor Veg:

4x2 tent, Scynce Raging Kale, couple clip fans and 6” duct fan venting outside. Currently running Sunset Sherbet, Blue Dream, Blackberry Fire, Grape Ape, Mendo Breath and SD/Lemon Kush

Indoor Flower:

Specs: 4x5 area, Vivosun 1000w switchable with air cooled hood vent to outside via 6” duct fan and 6in carbon filter at the intake(removed) 5 gallon vivosun pots on caddies. Net set at 24in. Made an additional net and prolly put that one at 36-40in. Running this area for veg under 1000w MH until I flip these in a week or so. I’ll switch to Eye Horticulture HPS then also at 1000w same fixture. Strains currently running are SD/Lemon Kush, Wedding Cake, 2x GG4, Staples Center and Chili Verde.


Closet area startef with the old school dome and CFL and added the 8 site aero cloner and both methods are working. Cuts from plants currently in veg above. Added a burble light in the for some seedlings because no room in veg tent right now.


Specs: 10-15gal Gucci pots, put this out in mid July, on casters so I can move them around in the sunlight and tuck them away at night in a dark place. Running Mendo Breath (right) and Sunset Sherbet (left)

Media and Nutes using throughout:

FFOF with a dash of Worm Gold EWC. Running FF Trio; Grow Big, Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom with Bonicare CALMAG. Looking to change to Advanced Nutes next run but happy with the FF for now.

In progress:

Auto watering system for flower area. Considering ordering the Scynce Raging Kush system for flower.


Each had a colored tags that follows it through the cycle.

I know this is not a full diary but all my clones came from DP’s…mostly dark heart strains and some others. Thanks for looking!!


This looks great! I’ve recently started back up after a 17 year break. Looks like you haven’t forgot much, nice setup you have, gonna follow along.

Why did you stop 17 years ago? :stuck_out_tongue: many seasons have passed hiding your skills…

Nice set up though, love the organisation!.. and ofcourse some beautiful plants you got there

Love the outdoor planters! I try to have a lil fun with things as well. Like my 5 gal buckets, I have Ace, Lowe’s, home depot, and Petco

My now EX made me stop when my son was born. Stopped growing and smoking. Plus back then the shit was illegal and I was growing in the garage of a rented condo. Fun stealth grow little smaller than this. But life changes and people change. Gardening is very relaxing.


Made a little cart to bring out some medium plants I don’t have room for inside. Recycled pallet and some pvc. 3.5” casters are on the way. Got to keep them up out of the reach of the dogs.

I got the eyes rolling Mmmmm from the wife so she was impressed.


Very nicely done

Little upgrade in the clone closet


Mine either sleep by them or guard em lol


I love that low wide table/cart you made, i was looking for something to buy to raise my dwc buckets off the floor to help drain them but nothing seems to be fit for the job… so dont mind me im going make a copy…your table is exactly what i need.

Im off to find some spare wood.

Lookie what showed up today…showed up in 3 days including a weekend…thanks BOG!!!

Still waiting almost 3wks for my order from Seedsman.


Outdoor box cart is kicking in…Blackberry Fire, Grape Ape, 2x Mendo Breath, SD/Lemon Kush and GG#4 in 3g pots.


Gucci pots are bursting bud…4wks in on these two. AN Sensi with the trio bud products (candy, big bud overdrive) Sunset Sherbet get its first hit of overdrive today. She’s a week ahead.


Mendo Breath:


Time for bud shots…I think these two have a minor PM on the tops of the fans leaves but it’s been so hot and dry the last couple days it isn’t harming anything but I’m watching it. Or maybe it’s just ashes (fires) or dust that kicked up. They kind of look like water spots. Nothing on the bottoms or anywhere else.

Sunset Sherbet (4wks)


New toy showed up today…Scynce LED Raging Kush

It’ll have to wait till next week to hang though.


Never had a light show up on a pallet. That’s a first…damn.


Helps to have a second story


New Scynce LED RagingKush installed. Fuck this thing was a beast


Comparison Eye Horticulture HPS 1000w vs 690w Scynce LED RagingKush



This is at the recommended flowering (3rd week) setting. All levels maxed. Seems less yellow vs HPS and definitely deeper light penetration


Let us know what you think about that light…was just looking at them.