No Mercy Seeds Fundraiser Auction [Closed]

In cooperation with Cees Hendriks / @SpeesCees1 from No Mercy Seeds I’d like to present you this Fundraiser Auction for Overgrow server.

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Lot Item Amount Highest bidder
Lot #1 Item withdrawn from auction
Lot #2 Pack of 15 seeds Santa Maria F3 $60 Enjoi802
Lot #3 Pack of 15 seeds Santa Maria F3 $60 livingthedream
Lot #4 Pack of 15 seeds Santa Maria F3 $50 tbone1

+Bonus Lot Pack of 15 seeds F3 Santa Maria will be given for free to one participating bidder at random. (Actual winners will be excluded from this bonus draw.)

Auction rules:

  • Each lot will be sold to highest bidder.

  • You are bidding on each of the listed lots separately. Post lot number and your bid with USD price.

  • When you post a bid, your previous bids are considered canceled. You may bid on multiple lots in one post.

  • :mega: Whenever you outbid someone, please tag him so that he is notified.

  • Bidding starts at 10 USD. Minimal bid increment is 5 USD.

  • Auction will end on 2020-04-15T21:59:00Z.
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  • :money_with_wings: Donation options include Cards, Paypal and Bitcoin (address will be provided by @LemonadeJoe to highest bidders).

  • :package: Shipping is included in bid. These will ship from Netherlands. Items will be shipped after your donation is received.


Auctioned Items

Gibberellic Acid 100ml

Bottle of No Mercy Seeds Gibberellic Acid is offered as a unique pre-sale of product that will come to market later this year. This is what they use for creating female seeds. Following text is reproduced from their materials:

For breeders and / or cultivators. 100 ml bottles within exactly the correct dosing of Gibberellic Acid, with a good working mist sprayer on top. We at No Mercy Seeds use to create female seeds. Each bottle will be shipped with a complete user’s info.

Photo of a female that was treated with Gibberellic Acid Spray below:

Click to expand: Gibberellic Acid Spray 100ml User Instructions

G.A.- Spray for plant breeding/cultivation purposes.
For use to produce female seed from 1-year-old soil plants. First, take a good look at how the spray head closure works and close it properly after use. Keep this Fresh and dark for at least 1.5 years retaining its optimal effect. Before using the Spray, first bring it to room temperature, after which you must shake the bottle with the closing action well for about 20 seconds. Always start by marking the plant (or several) at the place where you want to treat with the G.A. Spray. You don’t have to notice the top. Start from the third inter-node from above and apply a mark. That will average around 10–15 cm. from the top. Then find 1 higher or 1 lower inter-node on the other side of the plant, which also gives you a brand sign. You are rather too low than too high. Okay, now open the Spray head and squeeze once to have the suction hose full of spray and you know that the same dose will always come out during the treatment. The spray head is made for spraying instead of spraying. Start with the two marked places and spray diagonally upwards from below so that you also hit the armpit and leaf material around that armpit well from below with 3x squeezing. Most stomata are placed under the leaf instead of on top, hence. Then do the same with the second marked spot on the other side of the plant. Finally, spray the top of the plant slightly, and straight from the top down, by squeezing only twice with your nebulizer. Start treatment if your plants start sprouting under 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, until the 32-34th day, and are already in full bloom. With decent I mean: If the buds already have a kind of “carnal” core instead of a certain number of pestles without a visible core. The amount of misting is less important than the dose of G.A. that is present in the spray. But at the marked places, you can safely treat yourself by squeezing your spray head 3 to 4x. Do not touch more than the selected and marked places, that does not bring anything extra, but rather leads to damage. Important: To achieve an optimal result, germinate the plants that need to be pollinated by the treated plant, only 18-20 days after you germinated to treat. This is more than desirable to be able to score a large number of seeds. This fact is important because the plant (s) you treat take quite some time to come to a change of shape and release pollen. So at the moment that the male flowers that are produced release pollen, any plants of the same generation are already far too far in bloom to be sufficiently susceptible to fertilization, so only generate a little seed. You should not underestimate the 3-week difference. Gibberellic Acid is often known as being a plant hormone. It ensures that impulses are converted into commands for, among other things, the growth and flowering hormones of the plant. G.A. is often rightly referred to as a steering hormone. Important in this is that Gibberellic Acid is a plant’s own substance and does not break down or deform genetics. This dose has been specially created for 1-year-old soil plants. First, read this leaflet carefully and take the recommendations seriously because it is a complicated process in which you cannot afford to make a mistake. If in doubt, please first provide clarity to the supplier of this product. This Spray was tested on/with plants that were germinated at 12 o’clock light and 12 o’clock dark and which also remained in the same cycle for 72-74 days at 12 light hours. Testing was performed with the help of the now known 12/12 system. The tested plant type: Santa Maria. Plants whose genetics are around 50% (40-50% Indica - 50-60% Sativa, or vice versa) respond best to this radical but harmless treatment because this G.A.-Spray cannot affect genetics with this dose. For a good result, we recommend using the same method of sprouting, growing up, flowering, treatment, and flowering. Use the Spray preferably 1-2 hours after the light went on and then 3-4 hours before the light goes out the same day. (The stomata are closed in dark hours so nil recording takes place.) You repeat this after 2 days and then again after 2 days. So 3x treatment (2x Spraying per day of treatment) will give enough effect for the treated plants to produce male flowers that produce pollen that is genetically XXy and that is inherited by it. If, during the 3rd treatment, you do not see any impetus for the formation of the male flowers, treat them one more time after 2 days, and set the timer for two days to 13 o’clock light and 11 o’clock dark, in order to complete that attack force. We assume plants from stable seed because with cuttings, and especially with many F1 hybrid seeds, it brings up countless ancestors that you know nothing about. Very often even those so-called F1 Hybrids are not good because too many people without genetic knowledge but cross a bit to have a “species” with their own name and genetic designation attached to it.

Santa Maria F3

The last 17 years our Santa Maria has proven itself worldwide over and over again. It’s unique qualities are the result of a labour-intensive breeding program; after having crossed an original Santa Maria (Brazilian, but exact genetic background unknown) with a Mexican Haze and a Silver Pearl and inbreeding the resulting plant for 4 generations, one male was selected to pollinate a pure Santa Maria mother. After this we inbred 8 times by backcrossing a male/son with a pure Santa Maria mother. Scientifically spoken an F6 should be pure, but according to our experience, cannabis plants become true breeding only in F8.

One of the all time great strains, our Santa Maria is extremely fast for a mostly sativa variety and can be succesfully grown both indoors as outdoors, even in moderate climates.

Triploid Santa Maria


10 bucks on the spray

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10$ for lot 2

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$10 for lot 3

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Lot 4- $20

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Lot 2 $20 plus a few more

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I got 20 on the spray @TheShowMeHomie
And 20 on lot #2 @BDGrows
Sorry guys


@Pedro_Bann 20 for lot 3

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30 for lot 3

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35 on the spray lot 1


@papalag 30 on lot 2


@OleReynard 30 for lot 4

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40 for lot 2

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$40 on the spray lot 1


Lot 1 45 buckeroos


Well I think @SpeesCees1 your spray will be a great commercial success judging by this auction thank you for your generous donation


I think so, too. I was wondering what it might sell for once it’s introduced. Maybe the auction is helping him decide that, heh…

What is the shelf life on GA if anyone knows?

Good luck bidders!


Well… that question is easy to answer on it
!f I start selling them again ( as you may see on my Facebook ) the price will be 500 euros per 100 ml.
Not one hair on my head will think about another way. IF there’s one I pull it out directly ! People can take everything of me, but not my proud. It was a almost 20 years journey to come to this point.
And a cleaver person can make easy 40.000 - 50.000 female seed with that 100 ml. Spray.
The dream in my head is : Stop using that silver water ! It’s breaking some of the genetics ! The 3-the generation feminized seed does show already disorder. The strength does disappear !
Did nobody come to the same conclusion? Then don’t blame yourself too much after a cycle and the yield came out very poor !
So now I’m hungry and need something decent to eat. :wink:

nice ass say the rabbit !