Northern Lights 5 preservation run

It’s one and the same Bodhi Strain, it’s TT NL#6 x Appy the TT stands for Trichome Technologies and the NL#6 was their NL5 xNL1. I’ve heard there is a Swedish Berry pheno and read that Appy leaners are giant. I have pictures of the TT NL6 x Appy grown outdoor by my friend in my random photo thread.

I can’t say I know of any other strains or cuttings TT has or works.


Are you talking about me?

89 NL#5 (pheno #7) surrounded by fat leaf Hashplants


Yes you are exactly who I was referring too :grin:


Sweet! Thank you 50! I forgot they said TT on the pack!


Ah, you’re the one that tried to get a cut from someone on strainly.


I’m pretty new here but all my work is posted on IC, there I have my 89’NL#5 thread with tons of pictures.
I also post pics on my InstaG @fl_starfire


We’re kicking around the idea of making NL seeds for the community yours would be a great place to start


I would liked too but after seeing so many people making a profit off of Mel’s NL#5 by selling it pure and/or stealing/not giving credit, I’m not to inclined on handing them out pure. Sorry but I have to think about it :thinking:


Man reading this thread is a rollercoaster! Would be very into signing up for some nl if it does happen.


I’ll have to go thru the vault but I have some NL beans from @99PerCent and @ryasco I can maybe send to a US person for replication. Both are NL #5 crosses. 99’s were an aura burials line cross and ryasco were a nl 5 cross.


Nobody making a profit off them here we give seeds away


I have a single pack(5 beans) of that NL#5/Haze x Sensi Star from Mel Frank I’d donate to the cause if needed. I LOVE NL5, was planning on doing a tiny seed run of them myself this winter but yeah, as long as I get some nl5-ish beans back at some point then they’re available IMO.

The only other thought I have is pitching in to get a pack of something if no one has any nl5 seeds available? The TK dom nl5haze from AKBB seemed like a good start from what info I could gather. I was gonna get a pack myself of that but lacked the funds since JBC doesn’t take crypto.


Mel sells the NL pure herself, after you buy a pk …you. an do what you wish. Unless asked otherwise. Not I’ll check on how many pks of the north I have. Its plenty of nl5 leaners in that line. I got it for the super skunk in it.


I got ak nl5 I have sinister nl5 and a @deep_rob crossed to sinister nl5 just let me know what one you guys need!!


Saving asses is what you do…its your. Calling bro. :v:t5::man_farmer:t5:


I have a couple unsexed NL1bx seedlings up maybe one is female one is male maybe not either way would like to see NL get passed around OG wether NL5 or 1 don’t really care who’s label it was under originally…would be cool to even mix more than one NL line which is where I was going @RocketBoy was going to see if you wanted to do some pollen swapping make some seeds give them away I don’t care what end of the equation I’m on so if anyone want to collaborate on sum NL let me know if not I’ll buy a cheap pack or two and let the pollen fly

Than moving on to white widow want to get the classics in everyone’s hands

@Zion your the man bro


Thanks @Zion. The purest NL we can use the better. Kudos brother


Mr nice blk widow. Better than anyone else ww. He has u.s supply. The seed source now carries mr nice. But more than what shanti. Charges


Big shout out to @Zion. It seems he will be donating some NL 5 for the run. You the man brother.


huge thanks to all who are working to make this happen. I don’t have anything to contribute NL-wise, but northern lights is a crucial building block of modern cannabis which needs to be preserved and made accessible to the average grower in its original pure form.
Individual growers in the community will be able to do a lot of good with a stock of NL once it is in their hands. Any line or elite cutting with NL in its genetics becomes a candidate for preservation in its pure form simply by hitting it with a northern lights male.