Seed Run Co-op: Bodhi's Silver Mountain (CLOSED)

Strain: Bodhi Silver Mountain (Super Silver Haze x Appalachia)
Donator: twistedinfinity
Breeder: twistedinfinity

So I am way late at starting this journal as the seed run is nearing completion. My apologies.
This is my first preservation run and am looking forward to getting this strain / these seeds out to the community. I love this place and you all and it warms me up in this chilly winter weather knowing that my energy and time will provide something that people may enjoy for years to come.

Strain Description from seedbank:

Silver Mountain is a big yielding haze/chem family hybrid, using a proven male of Appalachia: h&l’s hybrid of green crack and jj’s tres dawg wed to the cherished Mr Nice Super Silver Haze mother cut, this one hits it home for the lover of electric sativa effects with dense full resinous buds in a shorter maturation window, aromas and flavors of spicy citron and hazy melon with a funky chemdawg bottom end, energizing and powerful with a light push of body enhancement…

This is not an open pollination as I only had a few seeds and ended up with one male and one female.

Going to start with 100 total sign ups as this is my first seed run and I want to make sure I can accommodate everyone who gets on the list. Pretty confident that amount can be covered. There very well may be more seeds, so may be extras to go around.

Here is the female - unseeded with some fun-guys gnats stickin around.

If you have any questions on how this works, please visit here as we have done our best to address them in one spot instead of in every Preservation Co-Op journal

Regular Member (Trust Level 3) Sign Ups

1 allotment
2 Sasquatch
3 Calyxander
4 lefthandseeds
5 DanzaKuduro
6 Foreigner
7 corey
8 Old-Ron
9 Joker
10 George1961
11 swe-can
12 misterbee
13 Craigson15
14 Meesh
15 OleReynard
16 Indoornesian
17 Tinytuttle
18 vernal
19 man-bot
20 ChronicMcBudz
21 grease_monkey
22 potdaddy4x4
23 Needsomebeans
24 Zion
25 Shanti-ri
26 Tejas
27 J-Icky
28 Greenbhoy
29 Bullskinner
30 smokenhike
31 Mongobongo
32 stONER775
33 Gpaw
34 Badger
35 MBVapester
36 rootfarmer
37 Eudaemon
38 nefrella
39 smkncanuck
40 shiskaberrysavior
42 7anja7od
43 Undead-Toker
44 BarefootAndBlazed
45 Herbie
46 cdnbuddy
47 pawsfodocaws
48 herb4ever
49 hewhocoruptz
50 Sebring
51 YoungDad420
52 WVMountainGhost
54 khaoohs
55 Gaz29
56 schmarmpit
57 Seamonkey84
58 jamescoldflame
59 cannasaurusrex
60 monkeyman :monkey_face:
61 Kingmambo
62 avr1
63 GMan
64 SamwellBB
65 TheHighCheef
66 Patriots781
67 Shadey
68 HolyAngel
69 SweatLeaf
70 curiouscat (just in case… fingers crossed)
71. Northern_Loki
72. BigMike55

Member (Trust Level 2) Sign Ups

1 SweetLeaf
2 Redjimp
3 DeadInside88
4 repins12
5 Theomegajedi
6 GrumpyOldBastards
7 Smokerheat
8 Pakore
9 MrHeadie
10 Hitman40
11 Kasper
12 jdemo75
13 stanknugzz77
14 Purple-N-Hairy
15 bytheKasiz
15 MidwestMover
16 Iggypuffs
17 MotaMan
18 Islayhearts
19 PlantShepherd
20 Blue
21 Chiefer88
22 kingkush312
23. hydro-420
24 DannyTerpintine
25 Hashishin
26 JBow918
27 yobigdaddy
30 Ak49
31 danonly bunch a fast johnny on the spot people here…
32 Stevie1durr
33 Mr Toast
34 invisible
35 Junior-B
36. MrMayhem1134
37 budafingaz
38 MantisTobogganMD
39 Yawningtears(old username) GnomeyByNature
40 no_chem
41 Chronickyle
42 Trytogoodbud
43 Moka
44 katanaking00
45 BDGrows
46 BubbaRay
47 BigBoss
48 Abbbian
49 starl0rd1980 (if there’s enough :slight_smile: )
50 goatrock
51 mother teresa
52. Vesti
53. TheJanitor
54. willie


Some more pictures i’ve taken of the run. I was checking some of the different buds to see how the seeds were developing and pulling a few out here and there to check them out and get an idea of how seeded the plant ended up. Looks like there are going to be a nice amount of seeds for the smaller sized buds it produced all seeded out.

The purple is a recent picture. The plant is in a colder area of the house getting a bit of a draft.
Male on right.


What you can do is just go to another coop that is editable for signups and copy the formatting you want to keep.


Thanks - Is there a place I can copy / paste all the signup numbers without people already signing up? I just don’t want to have to waste time deleting everyone’s name from after the #s if there is a blank list formatted somewhere I could copy.

Or maybe there is another way of making a numbered list and im just being a dumbass too let me try and look lol


Not that I know of, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t somewhere. Maybe someone else will chime in who knows. I just did the repetitive process of deleting all the names the last time I did one. :joy:


Haha ok well I will giver a min and look into it more bust it out if needed.


Went ahead and typed out the numbers. For some reason it is adding an extra number in the preview area lol… like the edit column on left showed 60, but 61 in the preview area and it seems it showed up as 61 in the post as well. Not sure why that is, as I typed each number but hopefully it works for the sign ups.


:ok_hand: now you just need to change it to a wiki post in the settings when you’re ready to enable the signup.


Awesome sounding strain. Thanks a lot for sharing your work @twistedinfinity.

For people to sign up, somebody from TeamOG needs to wikify the first post. :seedling:

Edit: Yoink!


Stoked! Looks like some seriously killer herb!

Also yoink!


Thanks for your effort @twistedinfinity… this is the first seed run that I have not been able to resist.
I dearly love SSH, and this is simply way too enticing… so count me in.
Thank you again.


I won’t be participating because I already have an F1 pack of these, but I’m looking forward to see how this turns out. What you’re doing is appreciated.


Thanks for the generosity and effort put forth for this :clap: :pray::green_heart: plants are beautiful!!!


You had me at Haze


I know you’ve always been a Bodhi fan frech|nullxnull, this has been the fastest seed run I’ve ever seen icon_e_surprised|nullxnull, thanks for sharing it with us …beer3|nullxnull


Thanks for the kind words everyone. Glad to be able to help and have fun in doing so


I am a huge Bodhi fan :slight_smile: super speed covid seed run.


Well this was a nice Sunday afternoon surprise thanks @twistedinfinity


These would do amazing outdoors locally :slightly_smiling_face:


i like the sound of silver mountain can see silver hairs in my mind

Peace out and stay safe


That sounds amazing! You know how I love me some chem taste!