Old grower back after 16 years.

Hi everyone.

I have three plants in an nft 205 about 2 weeks in. Maybe 2 inches high. I’m using an old toilet room so space is a little issue .

My question - I have some plastic netting which I could use to do a loose scrog. Is it worth it? It wouldn’t be difficult to set up. Or should I just let them do their thing?

Any advice?


Generally a training method will be a positive thing. If you flip enough small plants, you may not need one. When you start getting larger plants with multiple branches, you’ll need a way to manage them from flopping all over the place, and you’ll want to maximize light to each branch.


I am a huge huge fan of scrog screens. If they are combined with some FIMing or topping, and - most importantly - used correctly, they can really boost yields. You need to train the plants to grow sideways UNDER the screen to get the max results. Just using the scrog screen to hold the plants up is good if you have huge colas, but doesnt help much for increasing yields.

Post some pics of your setup. I am always curious to see how other folks do hydro, and I dont know what an NFT 205 looks like.

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not sure if my .02$ is worth much :sweat_smile: but i’ve heard rigid trellises are easier to manage. :v:



I use plain old string to make my screens. I made a frame from 3/4" PVC pipe, put screws every 3" around the frame. then run the string across the frame both ways using the screws as posts.

Forcing the babies to grow sideways under the screen - whi ch causes them to send out new stems from every node - which you also force under the screen until its almost full.

Starting from just one to three plants, I typically end up with 60-80 colas. This is a single C99 plant in my aero setup.


From 16 years ago here too :wave: looks like you got it growin on. Pulling up my garden chair, I’ll take a nap here till you get back… hopefully it won’t be another 16 years.


Scrog it up! You will typically get a bigger yield that way.


Thanks so much dudes. That’s exactly what I needed. A scrog it is! Pics will come later :wink:


Welcome Back you Old Chooner


Another old school grower returns, very cool.


Me too. My last crop was 2003. Sold it to pay bills after I got fired. Now we got medical, so I wont go jail for my medicine again. Looking forward to seeing what I can do outdoors. You are inspiring me on the indoor side. Keep it up.


I have one exactly like that :+1: