Hello Overgrow - been 17yrs I guess

Been 17yrs since I’ve grown a plant but 20yrs ago I learned it on the OG Overgrow site. Can’t remember my screen name but I think it was hydro420 which was taken so I apologize if I stole someone’s handle but I plan on changing it since I’m going organic this time. Anyways, I posted some grows and made some friends back then but shit it was illegal and everyone was sketchy. Connected with MOTA420 (rip) and I swapped stuff by mail a couple times but that was it. Tried to stay low key as I had a lot at risk.

Today my kids are adults and dad gets his toys back, oh boy…back in the day it took me a year and a half to grow the WW pheno I wanted. Seeds in the mail taped inside a CD case. I wonder if they was ever music on them. What a great idea too late. I drooled when Bushy started making beans.

Today I have ten top shelf strains I bought for $20 each at the DP and it’s legal? We’ll sort of…but it’s more fun when it’s not right? I’ll post some info on my grow when I figure it out which should be long. I have a 4x5 flower stall and 2x4 veg tent and an aerocloner in a closet (with permission). Oh, and two monster outdoor plants in 20gal pots.

Did I say too much? Is LEO monitoring our shit still?

BUT, this is too easy. Thinking of tinkering with some old school stuff. Pure indy pure sativa stuff. Not growing for weigh any more so I’m lurking on your posts.

Thanks for keeping overgrow green after the feds took us down. Take care everyone!


@Hydro-420 Welcome back to the new and better OG.Look forward to your thread and grow :+1::+1:


not to much to worry about these days. depending on ur state, but even then, nobody has a budget to hunt down weed anymore. If ur in the wrong state, just dont xplain that out. Nobody gives a shit anymore. We just wanna see the plants :wink:


2nd thought, only someone in cali would have such a rediuculous back yard anyway, so ur probably ok. hehehe


Welcome back! I just joined up and started growing again recently myself. This new place is just full of grown journals and and information! Lots of useful info from the old archives have been brought back too.


@Hydro-420 Welcome back. Lots of great people are still here and even more information. Looking forward to following your grow.


If you always assume that’s the case, you should be ok as long as you’re smart about what you share.

I’m in a prohibited state, yet still maintain a grow diary.


17 years since I’ve grown as well my friend. Welcome back. I’m enjoying the heck out of it, and will be more once I harvest and get some cure on the buds.


Yo Badger I remember you…good on you for starting up. We’re prolly about the same age and it’s our time brother.


Man, I don’t think I was badger then, I can’t freaking remember. It’s starting to bother me :rofl:

Still yeah, our time man. 40 very soon, and I need this plant more than ever. I’ve worked hard.


Me too…not even sure if my handle was hydro420 but that’s the warmest name that comes to mind. Thank god I didn’t forget how to grow!! Oh well…I wish we could get the old info back. Maybe I can find some old photos though.


Morning shot…,empty seat because one of my GG4’s runted on me so it went outside.

2nd day of flower.


Redid the clone/seedling closet which now has a 27”x27” tent. This will be perfect for my white widow project. Exhaust goes in tomorrow. Fans on the way.


Update outdoor:

Sunset Sherbet getting frosty

Top shot of the SS… couple weeks in

Top of the Mendo…a week behind


Welcome baack!


They are looking good in them fancy pots! Great job.

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Well I guess not your plants look perfect :heart_eyes:


Used to be for fun, now its medicine. Makes life livable.