On feeding strength

I’ve always grown with pre fertilized soil, like Biobizz Allmix and Canna Profesional and the like and always struggled in flower where the slight dose of bloom nutes would be a risk of over feeding, even with symptoms of P or K deficiency, due to the high levels of N in the soil.

This time I decided to try a light mix. I’ve had to push the feedings higher every time or the plant gives me deficiency symptoms. I’m 2 days into the 9th week for 3 autoflowers on 24/0 and had gone as high as 3.9 EC (1950 PPM)
Here’s the 1st plant: Barney’s Farm Pineapple Express at day 55

Here’s the 2nd: FastBuds Crystal Meth

And the 3d one: FastBuds Tangiematic

What are your experiences with growing on light mix? Is this normal?


I don’t think it will be a lite mix any longer if you’ve pushed 1950ppm through it. What does the runoff ppm read??? Maybe they are just nearing the end of their life cycle and dying off.


I thought autos were notoriously light feeders?

Your plants don’t look burned… but maybe a lockout?
They look like they have a ways to go, so it might be an option to start treating the “light soil” like coco and give them a flush and reset?

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Not necessarily. Some will take really high ppms of nutrients. It’s strain dependent I think. I always feed heavily and record the response until I see a negative reaction. I then dial it back a notch or two to where they were thriving and happiest. If your able to keep the ph in the correct 5.8 - 6.2 range they will take a much higher ppm as each element can be up taken correctly by the plant. :+1:


I do believe it depends on the strain as @Esrgood4u said
But for myself I feel I achieve better results feeding less I do boost p and k during the proper schedule even then I’ve learned less is best
Only my 2 cents