Overgrow stats?

I am curious if there is anywhere on the site that lists the total number of members or breaks down usage stats on Overgrow for members to see.

If not, anyone in the know care to share how the community is doing?


You can judge how the community is doing by looking at number of posts each day and overall activity in topics. Number of users alone wouldn’t tell you anything because many people just register and don’t post at all.

If you want look at Badges stats.


It seems very active and healthy. It just seems like there could be really detailed stats if it is collecting read times and things like that. Also a friend of mine is trying to get me to spend time on reddit and other internet spaces I dislike, so I was hoping for some ammo to explain why Cannabis forums are better.



Dont know but I am kind of a eye see refugee begging for political asylum cause Im sick of the political sickness there. Member for 6 years with about 1K posts mostly on growing.
uncle fishstiks = unkle buck.


Eye see= IC? Voice text? :rofl:… or this a code and we should not mention competitors here? :no_mouth: I think I’m paranoid now.

What kinda shit is happening there? I only have posted a few times in the hemp forum recently over there.


ICmag always was a bit of a flame pit. I learned a lot from those old pages though. Many members still visit other forums, but over time the people with an Overgrow vibe tend to become drawn here.

I like using Member badge on Overgrow.com as my gauge for the strength of our community.


No way UncleFishstiks = Uncle buck

UF can be a retarded :poop: Dem but he’s a pretty cool guy out side of politics.

UB is a real piece of :poop: on RIU

If it’s the same guy then that MF has some serious mental issues.

For the record I’m not insulting any member here on OG, so I’m probably within the community guidelines.


Its cool. We all have different opinions of people and I just dont care for the dude. He is a moderator with an agenda of not allowing any other opinions.

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Very interesting. I did not know the majority didn’t post.


Yeah I don’t visit any other growing forums anymore unless I am just searching for specific grow logs of strains for the most part. Overgrow rocks… and I barely MAKE enough time to spend here it seems. Still thankful and blessed


Agreed on that for sure, @Sebring. A few knuckleheads, but not enough to scare the great people (like you) away.

Ugh…makes me nostalgic for the good old days. Way back in 2020, I was granted a “Regular” badge. It was a pleasant surprise that I was super proud of. But before the year was up, it was unceremoniously stripped away from me, apparently to never return. :cry: However, I’m celebrating my 2nd year anniversary this month of getting my “Member” badge. If you use that as a barometer for the strength of our wonderful community, I feel even better about still having it. :grinning: :+1: