Panamanian Space Probe

I missed Supernatural Selections Panamanian Space Probe by a few minutes, I think. I had the damn things in my cart and hesitated…alas. Anyone smart enough to have snatched them up willing to trade a few for anything I’ve got, OR smart enough to F2 them…please get in contact with me in this thread. This is my first trade on this website so I’m going to be very transparent…we can discuss details by PM but I’d like the transaction to be as out in the open as you’re willing to be.
I’ve got the following Bodhi selections:
Black Triangle
Twin Flame
Granola Funk remix
Healing Hashplant
Soulmate 2018 harvest
I’ve not opened any of my packs yet and just as a gesture of good will I’ll video myself unsealing, transferring to the mailer, etc…so everyone can see it’s on the up and up.

Only looking for a few of them, hoping fate has a momma and a pappa in the mix but as long as it doesn’t end up a men’s club, I’ll be happy. I know they’re scarce (ie sold out everywhere) and what I’ve got is available for purchase, so if we need to negotiate fair terms, I’m down.


You better hold on to that pack of black triangle bud.


Where are you located? I have unopened Bodhi:
Space Monkey
Cherry Queen
gg4 X SSDD (outdoor)
Dragons Blood Hash Plant
When I purchased those, I received these Testers: Bad Dawg - GSC X Apollo 13 AND Atonic X Long Bottom Fighter

If you see anything, I’ll send HALF in ORIGINAL package. You can check my Feedback. No need for seed-cheating in my opinion. That’s the quickest way to become ostracized in such a Group/Forum as this. Just saying. Be safe/be well.


Was this in reference to my comment? Im confused. What does seed cheating mean?

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ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Was just attempting to let the individual know, I operate on trust. If, in the rare instance someone “cheats”, they will be quickly outed. I would NEVER require someone to video themselves opening a pack of seeds. Grohio, you are on the TOP SHELF of trusted individuals here!!! If I. in any way, gave that impression, I certainly A-P-O-L-O-G-I-Z-E!!!

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No offense was taken man. It was just a term i have never heard used and it was the next post below mine so i was curious. :wink:

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The BT I’ve got some extra of, but agreed. It is something special. I’m not looking to trade away a whole pack, though.

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