PerfectpH - End to pH drifts?

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There is (at least for me) very interesting new product on the market: pH stabilizer based on ionization.

Price seems to be acceptable… ($200 for 70 Gallon version) Has anybody tried it already with success?


Those are interesting. @SuperiorBuds is using it with success from what I understand.

This is the thread:

Also, we had looked at ion exchange resins in the buffering thread at one point as a comparison against chemical buffers:

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A different manufacturer (Zelda):


I wonder if it would just be cheaper to buy an Arduino, 2 peristaltic pumps, and a pH sensor and just make a pH pump. There is probably code written for it already as well. That way you would always have the pH set to where you want.


As of today I am on day 46 without a reservoir change or a single drop of pH up or down. I have topped off with RO water every few days and concentrated nutrients as needed to keep EC in check, but I have let the Torus Hydro control the pH entirely on its own. Even with RO water that comes out around 7 my pH has stayed consistently between 5.8 and 6.2.

Time will tell how long it can maintain 35 gallons of water. (I did oversize and bought the 100 gallon unit.)

Yes, that would probably work. I simply have to drop a 6" bar into my reservoir. This is also an ion exchange which allows the reservoir to be used longer. I would never go over 2 weeks between res changes before, but as I said above I’m now over 6 weeks with no signs of issues. (Jacks 3-2-1 has to also be credited here, since the res is still totally clear.)

So far I am sold on the Torus Hydro. Even if it only lasts a single run it has still eliminated any chasing of pH while still drifting through the entire range for the best nutrient absorption.


No problem. Thanks for links… I think that this tool is very interesting and deserves its own topic… And some members might have missed it in @SuperiorBuds’s grow topic.