pH Tester Reviews

My latest cheapo “Jellas” pH pen won’t stay calibrated anymore. Can anyone recommend a good one. Preferably cheap or midrange, but I’d pay more for one that would last more than a month .

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I’m using the Milwauke ph600 it’s decent enough

Its funny I hear people having great success on that Milwauke model. But ive bought ones that look like it and they sucked. For like $20 bucks you can’t go wrong. People take them,out of storage years later and dry and they still work

Ive wanted the blue lab. At like $80 its a bit more expensive but ive been told its accurate and durable if taken care of and will last

I am happy with my new hanna ph meter from their gro line series.

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And buy some calibration solution as well :slight_smile: you need to calibration every week if possible


ive heard good things about this one too. i’d recommend getting one with replaceable probes if you’re buying a decent one


I don’t trust anything but Blulab and have had them all. I have a couple of the Guardians, a combo that I can travel with, and a stick. Love the combo’s


Once I can justify the cost, I too will probably end up with that Blulab combo meter. Only bad thing i’ve ever heard about it is that the ph probe is fragile, but we aren’t trying to poke n prod with a ph probe so just basic awareness should prevent any mishaps.

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$59 and comes with two packages of ph solution 7.01 and two packages of 4.01 solution and 2 packages of cleaning storage solution. 2 point calibration, and is water proof. (I already dropped mine into the rez and it took me like 3 min to fish it out. )


I have this one. Haven’t used it in a while but I liked it when I used it.,ss:44&tbm=shop&prmd=sniv&srpd=10229475513301507324&prds=epd:3080494811363607465,paur:ClkAsKraX_swgk9H4CJZ1bjRvg3BIq3dFA45uTd_aeVEgY8bMR1WTlj-7inJ2YGcuxH6YdniU-V0qzf_p5oK0g6suA1PMnocnuusVSiS3tyF7FApKd265GNBQxIZAFPVH70K_rpC3epFndJRJ0TOT0vo9Tu0FQ,cdl:1,cid:6334553042760249774&ved=0ahUKEwj2hquRuc7XAhUM4IMKHQkIBQsQgTYI7AM

I bought 3 of the very cheapest ones I could find on E-payd (for for some rich guy’s house).

They all registered the same thing and did match pretty well with a paper test.

I gave two away, but they were less than $5. Made in China.

Now I know just how bad my PH problem is, and I correct on every watering or feeding.

Holding at just above 6 :slight_smile:

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I have this one (COMBO Meter) and i am happy to have it… I think it’s pretty precise.


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I think I have a pH meter still. Not using it in my ROLS or no-till, but do pH my cloner.:laughing:

I ended up going with this one

Replaceable probe and decent price. Good reviews on Amazon.
I would have probably gone with the bluelab pen for a little more money but I couldn’t get it through Prime and I wanted it fast.

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interesting i didn’t know it had 4 types of probes. one for flat surfaces (skin, microsolutions/saliva) one for food like cheeses, sushi, etc. lol who is checking the PH or PPM of their sushi!

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I have good experience with Milwaukee Smart pH Monitor … In photo here in my growroom

Bluelabs are great, but slightly more expensive…


Hola OG brothers and sisters. Does anyone have a pH meter that the are pleased with? My $15 one made it through one grow and won’t calibrate anymore. Gotta order one. Anybody? Thanks all. :cowboy_hat_face:

Bluelabs PH pen are pretty decent.

You can find them cheaper than the OEM price.


Most important thing with the pens is proper storage in storage solution. Keep them wet.