Pinkleberry f6 seed run **closed**

Hi guys,

There is this guy who has some pinkleberry seeds for sale on IG

There are just 50USD for 15 seeds, but he just do cash orders within the US.

Sign ups will help to acquire the pack, the total price will be splitting between the total number of sign ups.
Please bare in mind the distribution costs will be added once the run is completed, or at the best convenience for the person/s doing the run. Either way each of us should cover shipping and distribution costs.

Please don’t @ yourselves neither bolt your names we will reserve that option once you have received your seeds/or they had been sent to you, thanks.

Sign ups:
1 DougDawson
2 Blue
3 Judsbuds
4 Pakore
5 misterbee
6 Chronickyle
7 sct2020
8 Donnie
9 Chirpxchirp
10 Bullskinner
11 TheNorthAbides
12 starl0rd1980
13 pawsfodocaws
14 Tejas
15 Rugged_Man
16 swe-can
17 redjimp
18 allotment
19 BigT
20 Greasy
21 G-paS
22 yobigdaddy
23 Lastmanstandin31
24 Shaggy450r
25 Smokerheat

Grower: Eagles009


Sure looks beautiful. I would most likely chip in if you can find a person to do a seed run


I’m in. Pretty plants!

How much space does one need to do the run indoors? I’m interested in breeding but am just learning. But if we’re talking open pollination that seems easy enough. Just grow the plants and let them do their thing? I have a 4x4. How long would you guys typically veg a run like this? Could you veg for like 6 weeks in one gallons then flip. Or are you guys growing monsters for a task like this?

Edit: nevermind if outdoor only.


I’m in. Make a sign up. Lol

Reminds me of the duck web IBL pistil color


Looks pretty but outdoor only is what the breeder says about the plant
It’s so damn beautiful :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


it is only money :slight_smile: cannot grow the weed without seeds

I am in and I am hoping it is this


His trumpskunk is supposed to be f2s of himme cheeba rks

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I seem to remember a buddy ran it, and did not find any like the picture so it may be a more rare pheno.

I’ll ask him next time I talk to him.


Pardon me, let me squeeze through!!! I’m I-N, Boy, am I in on this one. When you finalize things, let us know how to get the monies to ya. Thanks for the thought, effort, quite OG, if I may say. SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes:


if it is the one I posted :slight_smile: this what trips my trigger

the black is great smoke

all the best and plant more seeds



I am game, count me in!

I follow this guy on insta beautiful plantsbit if wamtimg to grow indoor i wouldnt bother his own words on growing them indoors was i tried they looked terrible.
But if you a outdoor grower the wow they are special

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Damn! I was thinking about this strain earlier today… thinking about the darkest strains I ever had!

Looks beautiful. Count me in👍

Would love to run that outdoors.

Alright guys,

We need someone in the US, who’s been able to collect the money (PayPal) and do a cash order to the guy.

Then someone (preferably) outdoor growing who can do a pollination (not huge as per now is just 10 of us) so if is outdoor that grower can flower the males inside, collect the pollen and then chuck it in the lower mid buds, that should give a huge amount of seeds to share and a good quality weed for the grower to smoke.


All right we are 5 ,at 11 USD each will do the purchase.

Anyone willing to do even a small seed run?


I’m still willing. I’m looking to make seeds, in general, just for fun. This would lend some purpose to the venture anyway.

I’m obviously not the best choice. It would all have to be indoor (although I don’t see why this would effect the seeds ability to produce color outside in the future regardless of what I get out of the plants indoors) I have never done this before so I would have to ask questions and be guided along…but like I said I’m about to be doing that anyway in the near future here regardless. I have a 4x4 that I could devote most of to this project. I would sneak a few other females in there of different strains to get pollinated as well. Let me know what you guys think. Either way I’m gonna be making some seeds!


I’m up for putting some ££ in… but cant run anything at the moment… I’m based in europe hope that’s not an issue for distribution…

Well mate, outdoors, indoors it doesn’t matter as long as you are happy to do so and take care of the distribution(each of the interested should cover their own expenses, so there’s no extra cost for you).

I personally have some experience doing seeds so count with all my help at anytime.

If we go ahead with this we will need your PayPal to send you the money once you have it you should mail order the money.

Please if you still agree with this we can discuss further details.


Alright let’s get er going. Tag those who expressed interest and make the list so we can edit it? I’m assuming others can’t either because it’s still blank. Give it a day to fill up or not. Then we move to pm and make it happen?