Plant Symptoms hurting or natural end of life?

FoxFarm with a little Bone & Blood Meal (Only soil he had at the time.).
Using HESI TNT Complex,Bloom Complex w/ Phosphorus Plus.
He don’t have all the other additives for the line.
This was a quick run ( This is the only one he’s planning on doing for awhile.)
Is the problems he’s having related to the soil mixer on top of the Nutes or the lack of Micro nuts?

It is currently in the 7th week in the Hesi flowering schedule.


The burnt tips looks like either potassium deficiency or stress do to heat


To me it looks like nute burn.

I agree on nute burn. My space runs at 85F and I have similar burning on plants that I accidentally overfed, and plants that I’m not overfeeding don’t have any burns, despite being in the 85F space.