Sick Tangie Auto

I planted this Tangie from Barneys Farm in a 3 gallon pot with Happy Frog Soil. It has been well behind my other plants and would be really didn’t drink or eat much. I hadn’t fed it anything other than calmag in my RO water and a little Mammoth P here and there. Recently I got those spots and figured it was either Cal or Phosphoros deficiency. I fed it a dose of Roots Organics Foundation and Roots Organics Bloom. I use a little Kelp to bring my Ph down. 4 Days ago I fed it with some Roots Organics Buddha Bloom, Trinity, Extreme Surrene, HPK, Mammoth P and it has been watered every day since with just CalMag. Yes, It is drying out the pot every day, day and a half… Should I be feeding it more?


Sorry, I should probably clarify. My plants were all pretty dark and looking really healthy. This plant was dark green it’s whole life and although it grew slower than the rest it was always on the darker side of green. (I think my Fox Farm Soil has been hot lately because all of my plants are pretty dark). I started getting the brown spots on the leaves and those leaves were getting light. That is when I fed first time. Saw a little improvement but was still seeing symptoms. I fed the second time about two weeks later and then I saw nute burn. Now the leaves are getting light green again and showing the spots.


Flush her really really well… 3gal pot, run about 6 to 9 gallons thru her, but not to fast, I do mine in the tub… once you see the drain off go to clear your good… I think you have some serious necrosis going on and the yellowing of the leaf’s may be the plant starting to finish a bit.this strain is weird and finicky anyways and my bro cut her from his garden for that reason…

Wish how far along your plant is, just flush her for now and lets see if she doesn’t finish here soon… I use the same nutrients and size pots, felt… love them.

how far along in flower, looks like about 7wks.


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Thank you, I will give it a flush this afternoon. It is almost 8 weeks along. Thank you Carty.

I can see some tacoing in the canopy, could it be too close to the lights? :sunglasses:

Yeah I had some serious light and heat stress in the beginning of flowering. I bought a 5x5 tent and put two ES300 V2 in there. I hung the lights too low and didn’t notice until it was a little late. I started off dimmed and eased the plants into full power in the middle of a heat wave and wreaked all kinds of havoc on my first grow. Right around that same time my friend brought me a clone of Black Power from her friend which I dumbly didn’t quarantine and brought spider mites into my tent. The tangie being the farthest behind and not flowering yet, I was able to treat it with Mammoth Bio Control and she is mite free (knock on wood). I had to kill off half of my plants that were immediately infected. sad face.

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Also you can see in the right corner my Blue Kush from Dinafem. That thing is super sensitive to nutes as well. I was prepared for that one being sensitive to nutes tho because its in their strain description. Can you see the buds on the tangie? They grew out looking like the buds were burnt or something. My Lemon Haze did the same thing but grew out of it a few weeks ago. I do see some white hairs finally forming on the tangie but the buds almost looked burnt or something. Where the hairs would come out they were a whitish color but the end is an orangish/brownish color. Could I have light burned the buds as well?

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Sorry for your loss, I wouldn’t accept a clone even from Jorge Cervantes, hope you finally got rid of those little bastards. I found the recommended height for your lamp, looks like a good one:

If the plant is good she will continue producing buds, I had the same problem with a stretchy one and beside some crispy sugar leaves, she recovered, post some close pics if you can … beer3|nullxnull



Yeah I have learned a lot of valuable lessons. So far it seems I mostly have them in check. I got them completely gone from my veg tent and have found a couple here and there in my flower tent but I have removed any contaminated buds. so much to learn lol

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So I gave it a proper flush a few days ago and the plant is yellowing up a bit more and the leaves are still looking burnt on the tips and its still progressing on some of the worse off leaves… The more this is progressing the more it is looking like a K deficiency. I am going to feed it some Great White and I will go through my nutes and look what has a higher K and feed it? Or do you guys think I should just let it fade and mature? Im in all organic living soil and the buds def have at least a few more weeks left…