Remember when it was more difficult?

Remember when it was sketchier trying to get it than it was actually smoking it? Lol

We all have a funny or scary story about “that one time we tried to go and get some bud”

What’s yours?


Back in the day, we would have to first find a payphone (a near impossible task today) and page our dealer, hanging around the payphone until he finally calls back. Usually the dealer would give us a location to meet and a time, usually an hour or so later. Then we would meet up, he would always be in a different Cadillac (usually painted in primer). We would get in the car and he would drive around the block a few times while the deal went down.


I’ve done a couple of those lol my favorite was
“Meet me back here in an hour and I got you” or like the above video said, “watch my place, I’ll be back”


Or when you go to the guys house and have to hang out for hours and smoke with the dude before he would even sell it to you…


Or the “yea I’ll get you a bag” and when he gets back he has none and asks you to smoke him up lol


I almost died in the plugs front porch, he answered the door in a sheriff’s uniform. Never knew he was a cop and dealt with him for years prior lol


Lol. Ahhh, the memories …

:flushed: Yikes.


Oh ya you always had to hang out with the dude for an hour and pretend to be his buddy before you could leave. Also whenever somebody scored weed for you you had to smoke them up even though they already clearly pinched off your sack lol.

My least favorite part was every dealer having a sketchy pitbull that would stare and growl at you when the guy left the room for 20 minutes to get your bag. They literally ALWAYS had pitbulls, and about 75% had piranhas and/or snakes too lol


Lion fish… Don’t forget lion fish!!!


I was just about to say tropical fish. My dude had a cichlid tank.


My dealers were way too poor/scummy/uneducated for that. It was all piranhas lol. Bonus points because they always made you watch them feed it something living while you’re all baked…“watch this maaaaan” :neutral_face:


One of my guys had a Doberman… (i used to get chased as a kid by two stupid min pins so I don’t like any of them lol) id only ever go there with my gf cause he was her guy. That dog would let me come in and pretty much walk around. But holy fuck if I got between my gf and that dog I was in for a bad time.


Man I hate sketchy dogs. They can smell my fear which always makes it worse.

I went to a party once and dude has this huge, pissy rottweiler. It started growling at me as soon as I walked in and just spent the night following me around staring and growling at me… basically establishing dominance lol.

At one point it walked over, growled at me, and laid ON my feet looking at me like ‘wtf are you gonna do?’ I didn’t move for like an hour until it got up lol. Well played, dog.


from a smallish city in Canada vacation in Seattle thinking im street wise :laughing: try to score a gram. This unsavory looking character showed me the weed then when i gave him the $$ he gave me the “weed” he pulled the old switcheroo and i got a nice $20 piece of already chewed gum… yummm. The moral of my story is “It’s easy to be street wise in your own town.” In hind sight lucky to be alive (again) really. :dash::dash::sunglasses:


Buying weed from very bad people, shorted sacks, paying 3x as much, telling my friends to act right and drive properly and go the fuckin’ speed limit because the ounce in the car is a felony lol…good times.

Mild paranoia the entire time you’re growing…don’t miss it at all.

There are some valid criticisms of the post legalization market but most younger people simply don’t appreciate what it’s like to be nervous to have 2 joints in your cigarette pack when you’re out and about.


When I was in high school there was really only 1 dealer. He had a makeshift Pepsi bottle stash. He would be holding a “full” pepsi bottle right in front of the teachers and principal…asking him to get some weed was damn near impossible…but because he was the school’s best hockey player, he got cut a lot of breaks. He acted nonchalant about having a half ounce all gramed out in his bottle, but I would be shitting myself walking out of the bathroom with a gram in my pocket…zero tolerance, 1 strike and you’re out…needless to say, I was kicked out the next year for hanging around shady people and we all got searched…they found a fat, stinky roach in a baggie in my watch pocket. Dumb teenage shit.


The guy at our high school sold single J’s (pinners) for 5 bucks or 3 for ten. Everyone at lunch would be walking around asking ‘got $2.50?’ lol. I bet he made a ton of money slinging those.


Holy shit!! Havent heard that word in forever…lol…pinner…ah, yes…high school…lol…everyone looking for “pitch-ins”…lol


I got abducted, severely beaten, and rolled out of a moving car for $1000 trying to score a QP at the end of my first year of college. I trusted the cafeteria workers at the school, got in a car with four of them, got hustled and lost all my friends’ money…for weed. They pulled a gun on me and I’m just glad I survived.

That’s when I started growing in earnest.


ate a whole joint once … swallowed dry…we had 2 puffs off it…had just pulled into spot to burn…lunch break behind the school in a friends car. A couple girls drove by us…next… 2 city cops pull up to the window…(busy dirt road apparently)

window is down about 4 inches smoke from the joint can be seen rolling out the window as he strolls up and leans on the car door to look in. I hope there is no green stuck in my teeth

“What you boys up to?”
/me just admiring the scenary."
“Well we saw the girls leaving just now…”
I nod and smile

He walks off…we found a different place.