Our fam, growing in the 60's

We found some old pix, and I thought I would share…
I’m a breeder at Deep Ellum Seeds and our motto is “our roots run deep”. Its a play on words, of course, but also literally means we’ve been doing this a long time…
my partner, Dr. Dank, started growing in the mid-80’s and Im a few year younger and as such I began in 1992/93… but our roots stretch back further, to Dr. Dank’s parents.

His parents were some of the first outlaw growers; they began planting dope in the spring of 1966 and grew strong up until the mid 1990’s, when Dr. Dank came of age and took the helm.

these photos were taken between 1966 and 1971.

Dad, with the scattergun. Back in 1966, there was no CAMP, no choppers, no dogs. The major fear was of other outlaws called “rippers”, that would jack your weed and kill you, or best case scenario, they would fuck you up really bad.

Using vietnamese brought back from overseas, local gathered mexicans, and later an imported afghani, his parents created some fire-ass weed for back in the day during thier tenure as outlaws.

Mom… strapped like a motherfucker. she has two gats, she aint fucking around, lol

Dad with early indica-sativa hybrids…

U can see how hybridizing mexicans such as michoacan and oaxaca with afghani, shortens the profile. Its so freaking cool for me to see these plants, it like seeing evolution or somehting… look at the leaves, u can see precursors of modern day ganja.

So while Sam and Joe and all them created Sk#1 in 1975-1980 out in California, our people had already been breeding dope for nearly a decade before them. Its pretty cool to see these old photos.
We have these lines, to some extent, still to this day.

Dr. Dank used these genes to create The Black which was dropped in 2008. The Black is the strain that Matt at BC Depot stole from us… Now, you can see why we get so fucking pissed off over that subject. because Matt didn’t just steal a strain, he stole part of our history.

If it werent for people like dr. Danks’ parents, weed would not be what it is today. .
I am so fucking proud to be a part of Deep Ellum Seeds.
Thanks for looking!


What amazing pictures and story. I’d love you have had your opportunity and been involved in keeping their history alive and becoming part of their heritage. Your a lucky man @deep_rob. Keep stuff like this coming as it amazes me. Especially the culture side. Stuff was way different back in the day :seedling::v:


I agree. Friggin’ amazing! I love seeing and reading about cannabis history. Your folks are are the real deal, true originators. It is so awesome that you are continuing the tradition and still have some of them original genetics still in play. I can’t wait to see what deep ellum has in store. This bong hit is in honour of you, your folks, Dr. Dank, and Deep Ellum seeds! :+1::+1::+1:


Heartwarming & inspiring stuff. :hugging: Be proud!

…& I’m a bit younger still. '78

My silly ‘inheritance’ was dad grew a few plants for the $ :rolling_eyes: & got snitched & raided all in 1969. Cops trashed my future mom’s place…“They even went in my underwear drawer!” :laughing:

He’d wrap it in newspaper from chinatown & call it thai. :sweat: So bad.

After a friend’s brother got some & then jumped off a bridge he gave it all up. The kid was fine. :swimmer:

Sorry to detour down memory lane… :blush:

Thanks for sharing. :thumbsup:



@deep_rob wow man such cool history. I had no idea you guys brought us the black. Such bomb weed. Did Matt steal a cutting, seeds, the mom? How did he take it?

Dr Danks parents are true badasses!!


Awesome photos and story, thanks for sharing! You can see the evolution of the plants. Unfortunately sounds like the rippers evolved as well from stealing plants to stealing strains. Bastards.
The good news is the good win in the end and you guys are an good example! The thieves are a one trick pony, they might steal but they’ll never create anything worthwhile and people eventually see them for what they are.


Homegrown is the Bestgrown. :grin:



right on yall… we thank you all for the support and love. Mom says the shotguns were also for protection from wild hogs which could be very dangerous.

Most folks tend to overlook or forget, that for every Nevil, Sam the Skunkman,or Soma out there that you hear about, there were at least 10 other motherfuckers in the shadows. The outlaws. the ones who secretly built this industry.

We waited over 50 years until we became legal, to share the photos and our story. Since y’all are intrested, I will tell you some more.

I fully and completely comprehend the gravity of what I am about to tell you and I am aware that our story will amend the current accepted history of cannabis breeding and development in the Western hemisphere.

Let me me Crystal Clear: Absolutely no one in our family has the audacity to presume that we were the originators of anything. However, we are sure the family was part of the class of original pioneers. We at Deep Ellum are all extraordinarily grateful to all the people who helped to make this industry what it is today. No one contribution is greater than another. We all do our part; even being on this cannabis-orientated website is helping the cause. The Deep Ellum family is not unique or special. We are, however, damn proud of what we have done for cannabis.

I will list only facts that are verifiable; its up to you if you want to choose to speculate on possible conclusions.

  • all these photos that I have shared can be verified to date to a time before recorded breeding took place in California. Before Haze and before Skunk#1.

  • Dad spent the 1960’s creating strain of seedless weed. I am NOT going to go so far as to say that he created “seedless weed” in the Western sense of the term, I am only pointing out the facts and you can choose to come to your own conclusions. The fact is, all the historical literature and accepted history says seedless weed appeared in the west, in California, quote: “in the 70’s”. Dad was selectively breeding for seedless weed in Texas in the 1960’s… Back then seedless was not like nowadays. By “seedless”, we mean he was breeding for a landrace hybrid that didn’t hermie.
    Back then, growing seedless weed wasnt solely about pulling males, lol. Even if you knew to pull males, your remaining fems would hermie and seed your field. Realize at that time, everything was pure landraces. Those plants had been grown in one place for thousands of years… for example, in an isolated valley in Sinaloa . Suddely that strain is grown in a plot in Dallas, Texas. It didnt immediately adapt to a new climate and would hermie.
    If you ever grown a pure untouched landrace, like a Thai or Durban, u will know what i mean. Also the climate in Dallas didnt help either; Dallas has strange and often unpredictable weather… It took several generations to acclimatize these equatorial sativas and landraces they had. It took years of trial and error to be able to combine the strains while also breeding out hermie traits. So, because of folks like Dad, plants nowadays only hermie if they are stressed.

  • The Quintero Brothers called our super-pot: “sinsemilla”. We supplied seeds for their record-setting El Bufalo grow operation, up until it was raided in 1984.
    Rex Cauble would ferry seeds down to Rafael, and ferry back our money to the states. Ours was the only endeavor of the Guadalajara Cartel where money would go the opposite direction: back the States. Its overwhelmingly humbling to me to know that our seeds fueled the “sinse” craze of the 1970’s and early 80’s. Rafa’s record-setting grow was recently dramatized in the Netflx series, Narcos Mexico.

  • Dad and the family went on a road trip to California and spread seeds and knowledge to the people they met. The first trip as 1968. We dont know what, if anything, came of that. However, it is a fact that shortly after our visit, the first verifiable accounts of California breeding began to take place.

  • From 1968 to 1972, two or Dad’s buddies, vets named Blake Chitwood and “Ralph”, traveled Europe and Asia. We asked them to collect seeds and so they collected everything that they could get their hands on and sent them back us in Dallas. This is how we acquired indica genetics.

  • Dad sent his partner, David King to Holland and traded seeds for hash in 1973… David gave the Dutch a fuck-ton of our seeds in exchange for some hash bricks. Again, we dont know what, if anything came of that seed drop either. But we are tying to track down who he traded the seeds to exactly. We just know he gave seeds to the Dutch at least a year before Sam and 4 years before Nevil (RIP). It is very likely, given the fact everyone was underground and so isolated, that someone else could have brought American seeds to Holland before we did, and nobody knows about it. We are NOT at all claiming to be the first to give the Dutch genetics from America; Im just tellling you what we did, and when we did it.

The Dallas outdoor operation ran from 1966 to 1987 in an un-developed area off of Sandy Lake road. In the 1970’s, the Sandy Lake property became pretty much strictly for flower production, while nearly all breeding was relegated to a big-ass backyard of a house, next to Love Field Airport. Neighbors didnt know what weed looked like, hardly nobody did, so there was never any issue. In 1987, the family moved indoors. The indoor revolution happened and the need for seed grew, we made more seeds for the community. Dr. Dank grew up and took the reins and by 1999, the current label of Deep Ellum Seeds came to be…from that point, we only sold seeds locally, until 2008, we dropped the Black, Matt at BC Bud Depot stole it, and we went back underground until we moved to Colorado. our official re-launch was in April of this year. So although we been doing this a long time, we are very new to public scene.

Since we are legal and can now talk openly, Dr. Dank’s mother is writing a book… She has been contacting anyone who was around during the outlaw days, and every day we get more crazy info…these old outlaws were the real deal. it’s a trip, man.

The remaining crew that are still alive and not locked up, are 70+ years old each, but they are respected people, doctors, professionals, etc… and they can corroborate our story. The photos we are unearthing are fucking unreal.

Here is a photo of a Dallas crop. This is the super sinsemillia strain, that we supplied Rafa with. Notice how uniform and short they are…

At the time when this photo was verified as being developed, there is no other verifiable record of deliberate hybridzation taking place anywhere in the Western hemisphere. This photo was taken in Dallas, Texas and not out in California or Oregon. No disrspect to Cali… what they did later on in the emerald triangle and other places was the next crucial step towards modern weed. we all owe those cali growers a debt of gratitude… But the next time some conceited young prick says to me that Cali was first, I have the evidence to tell him to fuck off, lol.

This is lot to process,believe me I know, lol… For the past week i havent been in a total state of shock. I thought I had firm grasp of the history of Cannabis in the West but i was wrong… Everything his mother says and everything that those old outlaws tell me is jaw-dropping… the things they told me blew my mind. more to come, thanks for looking and thank you for the support. Its not easy to go legal after so long; we all appreciate the love and encouragement, more than you will ever know…



Yes we sent Matt seeds. Matt said it was a bad-ass weed, and he wanted to enter it into the cannabis cup on our behalf, since we were outlaws and couldnt risk participating. He was supposed to grow weed and enter it in the 2008 cup.
Instead he made f2’s and started selling the seeds.
We couldnt do anything but cut our losses. He was a legal business in canada and we were outlaws.
so goes it… karma will get him. we still have the original lines, and really, that is all that matters :slight_smile:


Wow! My mind is being blown reading this! I know some people from Graham, Texas and they’re folks always said Texas was a hotbed for weed growing. I thought they were just bullshitting because of the laws there. I even have some supposed mexican seeds my buddy from down there gave me years ago. I never popped them just in case they were real mexi seeds cause I figured it would be a waste cause they either wouldn’t mature outdoors here, or would be to unruly indoors. I’m looking forward to more history as you uncover it. This shit is awesome!


@deep_rob I got mad respect for you and your family. I think I’m going to start working with some of your gear!! :v:


great read, please keep the pics and info coming. im bored today feeling a little down, and its just made me forget my stress reading this thread. i was born in 77 so these facts are well before my day.
im from the uk, so reading whats been going on across the pond is great. i was just looking on your website and like the sound of the texas blackberry seeds.


hermosas fotografias de su familia.Saludos


What a kick ass historical record. Thanks for sharing your families history.

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Such bullshit…from a fellow Texan, sorry, but you were only ONE MARK…bastage’s get everyone they can.
I believe in Karma too…but being from Texas…a fist to the throat works well tooGreat attitude…will have to go check out your warez now.


You cant call me a liar and not provide facts to back up yur assertion.

So, bring it. Bring yur facts brother.


We have names dates places, witnessness, photos, etc… I would be happy to arrange a meet at some point and you can come meet us and look at photos. You can speak with the old timers.

Our uncle was Henry Wade. We lived next door to the US-arm of the Sinaloans. This was pre-cartel. This is how the Quintero Brothers knew us. Rafael came to Dallas to learn how to grow better weed from us and for our genes. He stayed next door during this in Dallas. He bought our weed, seeds and knowledge and took it back to Sinaloa.

Our partner until he split was Rex Cauble. We made Texas the pot captiol of the world during the 1970s. Google it… and then look up Texas Mafia. Google it. …

During the 1960’s-1990’s, half of our family ran Monetary. No drugs moved through Monterrey without us getting a piece. We were the politicians; the elected officials. , we extorted the narcos. . and in 1989, grandfather was executed for trying to extort too much money from the narco traficantes. His hands were behind his head when he was shot, so he had holes through both palms. like Jesus. There are Mexican newspapers and US obit, and eye witnesses to the shady dealings in Moneterrray. People who investigated Grandfathers death. etc…

. I have facts and data. The Ball is in YOUR court man.
I dare you to prove wrong. I dare you.



U cant call me a liar and not provide any facts or data to backup yur assertion.

I have names, places, photos, documents etc… Bring yur shit to table and we will see who is right.

I dare you to prove me wrong. In fact, I dare anyone to prove me wrong. Open challenge to the world, if u think I am lying, then prove it. I was excited to share my story and I thought yall would think this was cool, but if yall going to little bitches and cry, then prove me wrong.


Not to rain on your parade, but I have met atleast 10 Dr Danks in my time. It’s easy to get them confused.

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I can’t believe it. That is such a unique name.

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LMAO…CHILL MY FRIEND…NOT ragging on you…New here, did NOT quote your post, you TOOK IT WRONG>
I was commenting on the 1st passage I quoted here…About Matt ripping you…was saying you were NOT the only one they ripped…

SO SORRY you took itv wrong…LOVED YOUR STORY…believe all of it…

DID I STRAIGHTEN that out…???