SHSC-1 Overgrow Fundraiser Auction

lot #5 35$ @Granola

Interesting to learn some of your background, been following your Shiska thread and noticing your well-informed posts throughout the board.

Lot #4 $50 @Heliosphear
Lot #14 $50 @CerebralMeds

Good Morning OG’s !!

Got @FieldEffect 's bids recorded. Thankyou !!!
I have a CT scan appointment this morning the wife has me up early and getting ready to hit the road. Routine stuff. I should be back around noonish.


well… no appointment for me this morning. Was just about to leave and checked the road reports… Highway is closed from heavy snow last night so looks like I am staying home today.


Lot 6 $30

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Busy night tonight in the giveaway threads folks so be sure to not miss out on all the crazy fun!!!
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Bids are all updated as of now.
3 more days left and I’m so pleased with the support shown so far.
Happy bidding everyone and best of luck!!!


Lot #3 $30 @CanuckistanPete
Lot #16 $30 @sprinklememaynee

Thanx for your bids @Granola , I’ve updated the list as of this post :wink:

gonna try and put some more pics together here

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@SHSC-1 Those coastal BB’s are calling my name for a potential cross with my BBDiesel F2’s just because…

so… $40 on lot #2 @CerebralMeds


man that pink hog and c, kush sound fire. good luck to bidders

Lot12 -40$ @Granola

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Lot 13 -$20 @DrGonzo13

Good morning OG !!
I’ll get the list updated with current bids.
Thankyou everyone :wink:


@Cranio , the current bid on lot 13 by @DrGonzo13 is @30.00


:shushing_face:. elmer-fudd-very-quiet


After speaking with @SHSC-1 and being given his permission I would like to sweeten the auction just a skosh!!

The highest bidder of this Auction will also receiveThe TRIFECTA!
-1 circle CCN Holographic sticker 4x4in.
-1 circle CCN refrigerator magnet 4x4in.
-1 Holographic OGTW sticker 4x5in.

Much love everyone!


@CanuckistanPete Lot 15 $30

was trying to organize some pics last night and it just got too overwhelming trying to locate everything LOL I have a crap load of plant pics.
Anyhow here is a little spread of pics of the Chunk D Hashplant grown by an amazing gardener, Goodenergygrower, in Michigan I believe. These plants handled the weather outside just fine :wink:
For a full grow diary on this one from seed to smoke report====> Chunk D Hashplant grow journal. Seed to smoke report. - Strawberry Hill Seed Co. - Z-Labs

Here is a teaser… :wink:
Chunk D Hashplant -GoodEnergyGrower pic 1 - Copy
Chunk D Hashplant -GoodEnergyGrower pic 2 - Copy

Chunk D Hashplant -GoodEnergyGrower pic 5 - Copy
Chunk D Hashplant -GoodEnergyGrower pic 6 - Copy
Chunk D Hashplant -GoodEnergyGrower pic 7 - Copy


Big shout out and Huge thankyou to @Rhai88 for upping the anti in this here auction.
That is some awesome schwag for the highest overall bidder

I’m going to update the auction page as of this post
Thanks everyone!!


Lot #16 @Granola $35