The Monster Mash

Beautiful roots. She’s coming on now.:+1:


The Monster Mash
14 February 2023 UPDATE B

Moving right along …
Here’s a recap of where we stand right now:

Memorable Moment and Milestones - FD growing pains

  • Age 23 days
  • Height 2-5 inches
  • Main stalk of each plant topped between nodes 3 and 4
  • Root development begins in earnest about 1 week after placing in starting medium
  • Roots can be slow to develop for some individuals but they do catch up
  • Calcium deficiency can be noticeable before roots reach the water (to me this indicates a heavy indica dominance)
  • Some young plants may need the full amount of nutrients called for on the label as well as additional magnesium and calcium.

This grow has bolstered my belief that individual tubs for hydro is preferable (by me) to a RDWC System. Each plant has needed calcium and/or magnesium and even different levels of nutrients all for the same strain.

Below is a photo reminder of just how fast things are moving …
Plant A: Feb 10th

Plant A: Feb 14th

All three plants: Feb 13

All three plants: Feb 14

If you look closely at each plant you will notice they are practically doubling in mass every 24 hours.

Still to come before flowering -

  • Two more toppings per plant. One at the end of each main branch
  • Five more weeks of training. Low Stress Training folding, bending and restraining with training wire
  • Tub change at transition to bloom. Darkness added at two hours per day until 12 hours of contiguous darkness. Flowering starts with the appearance of flowers not on light switch.
  • Large defoliation just before transition to bloom

Stay tuned. All of this … and more, coming up in the next 5 weeks. :v:

Bowl of Light
The more I lose my words
The more I’m coming home
Let the mind grow humble
Let that spirit roam
Thread it through the thunder
Let the sky mouth sing
Through that blacklight rainbow
mother spoke to me;
“Don’t you carry stones
Don’t you carry stones in your bowl of light …”

We forget and remember
And we forget again
But this life is a circle
And it’s coming back around
It’s coming back again
“Don’t you carry stones
Don’t you carry stones in your bowl of light …”


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Thank goodness we live in the desert, eh?

The exhaust fan in the tent is down to low and the auxiliary input is off(both drawn from outside)

I’m thinking Chinese cuisine for dinner - cooked at home (Wok- ing in a winter wonderland) :joy:

This is literally a blizzard for us! :snowflake:


My son sent me this picture of him showing off the new video projector they got for their anniversary. Wall to wall video monitor! :joy:

  • An actual Monster Mash grow journal update will be happening tomorrow; Thursday 16 February - sometime before the end of the day. I hope everyone is having a good week. :v:

This Valentine’s Bouquet photo was taken Feb 14th 2021 [Granddaddy Purple]. Sorry it’s two years late :green_heart:


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Frank stein is your character for the Friday opening of OverGrow 420 Racing.

It will take place here:

All the pictures that have been prepared for your character will be posted as Fridays theme, Have a great day. Seeyah tomorrow. :slightly_smiling_face:


Holy Shite!

Putting you and @Rhai88 on task together is gonna be an OGer Event! :+1: :+1:

I’m too old and creaky to race, but I’ll offer a pack of Fem Frankenstein S1 seeds for the pot!

Thanks for the heads up @Heliosphear,


I will be sure to include you in the main event with that Frankenstein S1 pack! Also since you’ve contributed all you have to the fun and games I’d like to send you an Exclusive OG holo sticker for donors to the games! Please send me your details @GrouchyOldMan !


DM sent Bro.

Address to follow.


The Monster Mash
16 February 2023

Girders and Cornerstones
The girls are moving right along with their production jobs. They each have a way to go yet but have shored themselves up and are preparing for load that’s about to be thrust on them in the next several weeks. Following is a six hour photo essay of the girders and groundwork in progress …

Plant A
Plant B
Plant C

The untold story - Plant C is one node lower than the other two girls. I broke off one of the main branches just below the Y topping so … the next best option was to go with the next node down. Essentially Plant C was topped between nodes 2 and 3 not between 3 and 4 as was originally planned. Plant A will be straightened as much as is possible as she’s got quite a lean going on.

Each plant currently has 3 flowering growth tips per branch for a total of six per plant. The girls are 25 days old today and I fully expect them each to have between 16 - 24 flowering growth tips per plant by the end of week 3 in 9 days. :v:

reference -



cant wait to see these in 9 days. every few days i check in they are doubled up so hopefully next time there tripled!




Seeyah at 4:20 est Your already registered to Race, all racers win a Sticker.


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The @Heliosphear Highlight section has been updated and you can get to it quickly HERE


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You blow my mind every time. Excellent work!