RO water question

Quick question about RO water. I just noticed this on the label, is potassium bicarbonate, calcium chloride, & magnesium chloride added for taste still ok for my plants?



I never thought to BUY RO water… $6.99 for 5 gallons is surprisingly reasonable. Good to know.

Hmm I never thought about buying it either, price isnt TOO bad, I’ve just got a filter system setup but it only produces so much at a time.

Not sure on those chemicals either, hopefully someone else can chime in, I’d imagine they are miniscule amounts though?

Based on the label, you have Purified water.

RO water should not contain minerals.


Water companies always add minerals back into the water after it gets purified, for taste.

@Cash your best bet would be to buy one of those affordable portable RO systems off Ebay, also get a ball valve to control the water to waste ratio.


At my grocery store R/O and distilled both $0.89 USD/ gal…my tap water is PH 9. If I move beyond hobby status, will need a good R/O setup


Affordable, portable, only 50gpd.


That’s what I use. A bit slow, takes 15-20min/gallon but other than that it works great. Gonna need a second one for this grow though since it can only handle 50gal/day


So will the minerals they add back to the water be ok for my girls or will the minerals start locking other nutrients out?

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So are the RO systems like pictured above easy to install?

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It includes everything needed to connect to a standard hose bib.
No tank. Easy to pickup and move around if needed.
A shutoff float is recommended.
I prefer these type.

Many kits like this to choose from.