Savant seeds Banana Cream

Peace OG. I have just received a package from Savant seeds and was gifted this pack of Banana Cream. Any1 have any info about this strain please post.

Be well :pray:t6:


Peace All. Does any1 have any info on this cross?I dont k ow myself but I’m sure some1 has heard of this or grew it?? Any1?? :rofl::thinking: Stay safe and be well all​:fist:t6:

Peace All. Has any1 had any experience with this strain yet?? Or even heard of Savant Seeds or 710 Savant? I found the breeder on IG when some1 else mentioned him. I have no reference point on his beans as I was recently put into this. Beans were gifted thru IG ,just shipping sent.
Stay safe and grow hard :fist:t6:
As always thank U for any and all info.