Show off your tasty treats

No one has to give away any trade secrets here. I just know if you love making them you enjoy the art of it when you need to mix things up.

I’m infusing sugar ATM. Almost done. Tomorrow I’ll update with pics of the finished product.

Surprising it looks so good. It started from this

Here’s the last batch. Different method, but everyone who tried them needed to eat another soon after. Big mistake as one had 400mg in it lol. No complaining here. My friend’s loved them and had a first time experience without any significant amounts of CBN or CBD in sleepy doses. Adventures followed. So much confusion :rofl:

Here’s the batch before that. My buddy had 4 and had a near lsd like trip he got so high. I’m jealous. All I ever get is a deep color saturation and night vision when I’m normally blind at night. My other buddy thought I put shrooms in them after he had one and was having the same experience. That was much later so apparently they only got stronger with age. I let them set for a month before cutting them into squares and then another month in the fridge to finish.

One day I’ll find a recipe I love more than anything. These are my last few experiments that have worked out beautifully.


Very nice,

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