Spider Mite Snuff Films

So I got this cheap little microscope the other day, thought it would be nice for checking ripening trichs. It’s about what you’d expect for $40 bucks, so not exactly top end optics, but still fun. Oh well, it was late, I was stoned, that bastard Jeff Bezos got more of my money.

I stopped by a friends house the other day and he had some spots on his plants. Pulled out the scope to get a better look and sure enough it was the Borg. So of course we had to make those bastards suffer… :sunglasses::lab_coat::skull:

These shots are a little ham fisted, I’ll have to try dispensing with a syringe next time instead of a big inaccurate spray bottle. Still, there’s something about this I find… satisfying.

Enjoy your bath!

Surfs up

The most brutal by far, too bad I kinda botched the ending. Am I a bad man because this makes me cackle like a supervillain?

Now I just need a bunch of predatory insects and a tiny arena… :skull::laughing::skull:


“Do you expect me to talk?”
“No Mr. Mite, I expect you to die!”

While you’re giving Mr. Bezos money, might as well pick up some of those predatory insects: https://www.amazon.com/Bazos-1500-Live-Ladybugs-Guaranteed/dp/B073MFQKBW


Yeah. I mean I hope not to see that many more of the little fuckers, but my friend is mid flower so its gonna be a daily fight until he pulls it down and can nuke the whole room. So I figure I might as well have a little David Attenborough nature film fun with em.

Gotta check on a Canadian source of predators though… I don’t think those ones will ship to me.

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I loved hearing them scream.


Great videos!!

I loved the ending in #3!
Reminded me of the napalm run in Apocalypse Now…
…Smells like Victory! …You need to do a voice over… :+1: :sunglasses: