Texas State Police

Is this true?


Where did your link go?

Looks like things are definitely going to get interesting.



An alternative suggestion: Officers must carry both Mari-ja-huana AND Hemp at all times. When a field analysis is desired the officer must compare field sample and 2 controls by combustion & inhalation, smoking at least 2 joints of dank & possibly 1 ditchweed. :thumbsup:



Only one way to find out…


Florida did the same. I believe the Florida Attorney General said it is now Unconstitutional to search someone for cannabis. Makes sense because CBD hemp is now legal. I guess someone could be carrying around a bag of dank hemp?

This is the beginning of the shit show we all saw coming. The feds are going to have to shit or get off the pot.


not all I never thought in my lifetime the drug war would go less things prohibited it has always been more and more and more (ask the people working for vape cigs things being banned).

Now I believe and know my purpose.

Overgrow our earth comrades…

EDIT kudos to all those living in texas or passing through or in the jar there or folks like Roki Erickson.

Sorry pigs no more excuse to brutalize everyone who lives there, maybe crime will go down and you will have to get a job (Don’t worry the state has plenty more you fucking gerbils!)

Yeah but your locals will still arrest…more money for the city, county or whatever. I dont be trustin no po po in texas. Its really cruel to live just 15 min away from an Oklahoma dispensary.

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