The dumbest growing advice you've ever heard? [misinformation inside]

Flushing is for toilets!


You can grow your flowers however, it’s America and what not, but I would Long flush ten percent of your harvest and ab it with the rest of your bud. You def lose some yield when you Long flush but the smoking quality is higher. Obviously this doesn’t apply to a notill system. Just my opinion feel free to ignore.

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No need to ignore it, I value the diversity of opinions here. Part of growing is making it “Yours” and if you flush and are happy with the end result, that’s all that matters!

Grow on my Brothers!


Yep, the ash should be the lightest grey and if you touch it it should disintegrate to nothing. The joint should stay lit even if you put it down in the ashtray and leave it for several minutes. The smoke should be smooth enough that even a non smoker can inhale deeply without coughing. That is the mark of a good flush. Like, your 100 year old nana should be able to turn off her oxygen tank and rip a fat J without coughing. If you are relighting your shit and people are coughing you fucked up.


i always found lack of proper drying/cure to cause my bud to make me cough. my ash burns clean.
to each his own


See Water Curing about half way through this post.


probably the craziest thing i ever heard, was to boil the roots to get the most thc out yur plants.
lol… i also heard crazy stuff, that upon 1st hearing seem wild, but after looking into it, found that they are sound and work, like stuff like h2o3 and Epsom salts and things like the dutch doing dry-ice curing…


LOL worst advice I ever got for growing was ‘grow hydroponically’ and ‘Miracle-Gro works’. LOL Couldn’t resist, sorry bottle feeders.


We’re not insulted.
It’s a fine science. Not for everybody-:microscope:


That’s similar to one i heard multi times. That after harvest connecting a car battery to the roots will shock resin out.


I however, do see that the growers of tropical climates have huge problems with molds in the buds of a certain density. @Sukia I could comment on how different it is to grow in the Tropic (and let’s not say in Ecuador) with its great humidity, to cultivate in a climate much more arid like mine … Even between two climates much more similar: Mediterranean by the sea of ​​@ Antocians66 and the Dry Continentalized Mediterranean of my Sierra, or the semi-desert Arid Mediterranean … (like between Florida n Baja California, in the same latitude…)

The tropical islands are usually very humid, except some as the easternmost Canary Islands and near the Sahara (Lanzarote and Fuerteventura) or Cape Verde …


Using half those bottles in grow stores I would consider bad growing advice… mainly talking about monopotassium phosphate, potassium sulfate, and things of that nature. I dunno, I’ve been seeing a major proliferation of those brands instead of more natural options. Botanicare is a great option in their Pure Blend line but they’re now owned by Scott’s Miracle Grow so…

Also, the advice that growing a plant in a bigger pot always means bigger yield I’ve found to be bad advice too. Some strains like some OG and GSCookies just don’t yield for shit, so it’s better to Grow a bunch in 3gals instead of just a couple 20gals or whatever. Sometimes you can have a more efficient use of space if you do that, but for higher yielding strains… big pots would be the way to go. It’s just about figuring the best size and measure what you get in grams for each gallon of a container used. Each strain really just increases as you increase its root space. But with the strains that don’t yield shit, SOG them to get best use of space.

Sorry for the ramble… I guess I wasn’t fully on topic but that’s what I felt I could add… lol as opinionated as it may be

Much love guys

Have a great weekend


not dumb, just not true.

Roots don’t like light ( It is what can grow on the roots in the light )

Over watering is bad for plants. ( it is not the over watering but the lack of oxygen)

Clones from a mother are better from the bottom branches. ( Healthy branches are best irrelevant to their location.)

Organic is better than hydroponics. Not True! :smiling_imp: not a dig(pun intended) to you organic friends here. I respect your method of growing. A soil plant must dedicate energy to exude sugars to attract fungi. A plant must use energy to build a larger root system to be able to locate all the food that it needs. More roots more fruits b.s. I personally don’t smoke my roots thus have no need for them. In hydro the food is available and the plant can focus on making big fat stinky buds instead of roots. It will not waste energy on unnecessary processes. With the right nutrient program and application the quality will also be superior.


Talk about no clue as to how plants grow, hahahahahhahha.



While this may be true, it is not easy to mimic a good organic soil, and I have tasted hydro bud where the flavors fall far short of organic.



However, everyone says that tomatoes in my organic garden taste like tomatoes, and hydroponics in plastic


definitely! I would also go as far to say that the average organic weed is better than average hydroponic weed because organic growing is easier but top shelf hydro is better than top shelf organics. When you do a side by side organic vs hydro with identical clones is where you really see the difference.

would I prefer a mid grade hydro bud to a top shelf organic bud, fuck no. Would I ever turn down a organic bud, fuck no. Would I ever grow organics again, maybe.


I believe you amigo but I also think that if you spent the same time and energy in a hydroponic system, the people will still say the same about your tomatoes. you cant compare a small organic farmers harvest with a commercial grow. the small grower will always win.


You can’t grow medical mj at home. You have to have a lab n stuff. Guess you prob need a lab coat too. Lol


… and regarding the volume or production that can be obtained by growing marijuana on organic soil, you already know my photos … Then I post a picture of the head of an Acapulco Gold B.F. thicker than a human head or a 5 liter jug, @Viva_Mexico